Editorial cartoon, Oct. 24, 2021


The American Medical Association and various other medical organizations have denounced the Mississippi and Texas 15 week limitation permissible for elective abortion.

It is asserted to be unconstitutional among other things including an infringement on the physician — patient relationship. After declaring it unconstitutional, which is a common declaration these days, one then objects that forbidding abortion after the fetal age of 3 months is a concern of woman’s health.

That is hyperbole designed to blur the real issue which is abortion on demand for any reason.

It really is a matter of personal choice and does not need to be couched in an aura of a woman’s physical health.

If you wish to argue her emotional health, that is another subject but that is not what the terms reproductive health or woman’s health implies.

No one will hamper a physician advising or performing an abortion for valid medical conditions that truly endanger the health or life of the mother.

That is not the point and calling any restrictions on abortion an intrusion to that critical physician-patient relationship is really an admission that you are obscuring what your argument is really about.

It is not an assault on “Woman’s Health” and certainly not on women in general. Under the very valid banner of a woman’s choice it is about unrestricted abortion at any time. At least be honest about it and have an honest discussion.

This is what we see so much of today.

If you do not like the argument in disagreement to your opinion then change the subject and engage in ad hominem personal attacks.

This demonization of others has become an unfortunate hallmark of American society today. While demonstrating your own personal frailty, it is commonplace in our local letters section for example.

John Manning



Earlier this month, Dan Dapice, a fellow AV Press, opinion page writer, wrote: If Hitler were a democrat; Democrats would vote for him.

Granted, it sounds a little tin hat. Nevertheless, Mr. Dapice has a point. Let me explain; with a story.

So, pay attention there’s a quiz. The other day i watched an episode of “war stories,” titled: Brezhnev’s spies, narrated by Chariton Heston.

What’s Brezhnev got to do with anything? Keep your shirt on. I’m just getting warmed up. Anyway.

The program revealed that Brezhnev had debilitating heart attacks that prompted him to write letters of resignation to the Politburo.

Party leaders rejected the letters of resignation citing the importance of party message over personal health as a rationale.

Ready for that quiz? If Brezhnev was the puppet of Moscow. Who is the puppet of Washington? if you said: President Biden. lucky you.

Robert Mc Gregor


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