RIP Mr. Lawson

give my condolences to Mr. Vernon Lawson’s family and friends and the AV Press staff. He will be greatly missed. 

I will miss reading his column in the AV Press, and I will miss his intelligence, wit and humor.

R.I.P. Mr. Lawson. 

Arthur Alford




resident Biden is destroying the United States day by day.

Alicia Avila


Same viewpoint


t’s interesting how people of education believe this automatically equates to intelligence. Just because you were disciplined to pass tests does not equal wisdom or common sense. I’m not exactly sure how your self proclaimed “nice guy” relates to your article Mr. Brax. 

1. The gap between the left and right used to be thin. With the extreme left and right polarization of today, to be clear, Joe Biden will never be my President. He does not represent a single value I hold dear as a patriot.

2. Afghanistan is what it is, however, you do not leave billions of dollars in military equipment to the Taliban and President Trump would have never left Americans behind.

3. Vaccinated you can still get Covid, you can still pass on Covid, and you can still die from Covid. The recovery rate of having Covid is in the 98% range. Having natural immunity has been proven more affective. Stop with the propaganda of death! It’s lies.

4. Exactly how are Republicans suppressing votes? By asking US citizens to simply supply identification at the polls? That suppresses votes?

5. A 3.5 trillion dollar Build Back Better Bill. Have you read what is in it? To start, millions more in entitlement programs to include free college. It’s a no go on raising the debt ceiling for this government dependency enticing bill!

6. The US is the lowest producer of emissions so talk to China and Asia. Leverage our goods consumption to force international compliance.

7. Race has nothing to do with immigration. Clearly we need to protect our borders. Yes, reduce US red tape but that process needs to be followed. Flying illegals on midnight flights to US secret locations is not a plan. It’s illegal!

And yes, I’m Judy Watson’s son.

Mike Watson



the cafés


s long as Charles “Big Chuck” Dickens doesn’t complain too much I can call this missive “A tale of two cafés” Two breakfast nooks in Lancaster that do not exist anymore. 

Both memorable for me for very different reasons. The first was on Lancaster Boulevard approximately a block from the high school and I don’t know if it even had a name. I remember that it had two very small tables and a lunch counter that could seat only two people — and not very comfortably. But it had a local panache and thrived for many years.

Another café, many years ago, had a name, Waldrips, on Sierra Highway, a steamy, stinky and forgettable little cavern. Also extinct now. Memorable for me only because the lone waitress had a holster on her hip clutching the biggest, baddest looking revolver I’ve ever seen. And a demeanor that suggested that she would use it with very little provocation. 

Kenneth Nickel


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