Do they fit?

Miguel Rios’ first letter described “Bidenitis,”in which “…Biden lovers fail to see his caretakers, the puppet masters behind the scene pulling his stings on the road to total government… the socialist progressive Biden lovers never admit that Biden has done anything wrong.”

In his second letter, Rios states that the Black Lives Matter movement “…plan and promotes rioting, looting, and burning in thinking that is the only way to bring positive change.” 

I agree with Scott Evans in that I wish the AV Press would print a “factual letter” section. Rios, as like all conservative letters, consists solely of opinions.

As long as Biden remains in office, I will never criticize him. During the four years that former President Trump was in office, not one conservative Republican criticized Trump. 

As an accountant, I previously wrote how Trump’s tax plan raised the deficit in each of the four years in which he was an office, and how his tax plan benefitted the wealthy.

Mr. Rios attempts to separate the Black Lives Matter from the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s. However, 90% of the Black Lives Matter protests were not violent. “Black Lives Matter Protestors Were Overwhelmingly Peaceful”,, Oct 2020. Rios never mentioned the treatment of George Floyd

Rios writes about illegal immigrants crossing the border and not being vaccinated. However, the majority of the unvaccinated are white Republicans. “Unvaccinated Americans Whiter, More Republican Than Vaccinated,” 3 July 21

Pew Research Center: “About half (48%) of Hispanics overall said they had serious concerns about their place in the country… Before COVID-19, many Latinos worried about their place in America” July 2020. 

Keep in mind this is when Trump was in office. Why do Rios, Hernandez, and Ms. Avila continue to think that they fit with the conservative party?

Vincent White


Prayers for Powell

My prayers and blessings go out to the Colin Powell family.

At every presidential election I prayed that General Powell would be a candidate.

But not to be — serving various government positions under a few presidents — he learned that there was a lot of stuff that was talked throughout the walls of the capital and white house. Too many egotistical personalities, that spoke “I instead of We”! He chose well! God bless Colin Powell!

Miik Miller


How it’s done

What do you do if you have maxed out all of your credit cards? Try to get your creditors to agree to your paying only the interest monthly, until your cash flow improves. Well, if you are the USA Federal government, you just get a new credit card to use. 

Jim Brock


It starts at home

After reading Sundays paper on 10-17-21 where parents were disruptive during the AVUHSD meeting my first thought was as a parent myself I understand their concerns. 

Had I been there myself not being an actor, community activist acting out I would of asked those parents in attendance...a show of hands of those who have children who have been a victim of a crime on campus, Im sure many hands would of been raised with many wanting justice. We seldom hear the voices of student victims of crime, why?

Students are a reflection of their parents parents need to teach their children morals and respect for fellow students, teachers, school employees of authority and law enforcement. 

When crimes are committed by students on a school campus the perpetrator could get the double whammy depending on the severity of the crime the Ed. Code and the Penal Code. 

We as a society need to hold kids accountable for bad behavior unfortunately some students get more discipline at school then at home, no more. As a result students over the years have become more disrespectful and violent.

Parents should be more concerned with their children’s grades, attendance, citizenship and who they associate with. Our jails and prisons are full of adults who as children were not given love, affection, morals, guidance and discipline by both parents. 

Children as adults and parents will always fall back on their upbringing good or bad.

Miguel Rios


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