Election predictions

We all know that Donald Trump has done almost nothing to benefit the middle class or American workers. Trump promised if elected he would sign into law the best health care plan the middle class had ever seen. Well, so much for that promise. 

His promised middle class tax cut turned out to be a tax cut for the very wealthy and corporations, and any Republican legislation to improve our crumbling infrastructure has never been presented. All of this, plus his doing little to contain and defeat the pandemic, should be enough to mean curtains for Trump to be re-elected.

But Mark Shields, in a recent Valley Press commentary, gave us another roadblock for Trump. He pointed out that if most voters don’t like you, the odds are you will never be re-elected. 

He recalls Ronald Reagan was liked by 7 out of 10 voters in 1984 even though the same number of folks didn’t much care for his policies. Reagan easily won re-election. Barack Obama was liked personally by 70% of voters in 2012 even though barely 50% approved of his policies. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush both were liked by close to 60% of voters despite being under 50% of having their views approved of.

In a recent Wall Street Journal-NBC poll, only 25% of voters answered they liked Donald Trump and the killer number was that 50% of voters who didn’t like him also opposed his policies. Shields predicted Joe Biden would win decisively.

Ralph S. Brax


Fed up with liberals

I’m confused about the face mask thing. 

March 8, 2020 Fauci stated that masks would not protect you from the virus, but would protect other people. W.H.O. just stated yesterday that masks would not prevent the spread of the virus. 

So, could someone with better ability than I, investigate what companies are reaping the billions of $s making the masks and if any politicians are involved with them. Also I wonder why the liberals are afraid to debate this year? 

Is it because they are afraid their socialist agenda will be exposed to the general public, because the liberal press will not be able to cover for them, however the moderator in both debates so far have done all they could with the way their gotcha questions were posed, knowing the conservative person would not be able to refute in the allotted time to respond? 

Also, the Democrats asked, but really demanded to know how the nominee would rule on social cases coming up, knowing full well she could not comment on them. 

Did they really think a conservative president would nominate a liberal judge? 

The Democrat questions were all a not so veiled campaign speech while trying to get a gotcha on the nominee.

Thomas Russell Horner


Don’t blame Trump

So the governor of Michigan, whom just plain nuts people wanted to kidnap and sadly, kill, just can’t find the words to say “thank you, FBI, I am grateful we haven’t defunded you.”

No, she can only put blame on, no surprise, TPOTUS. To her and ever more sadly, the socialcrats in offices and their loyal minions, blaming Mr. Trump is legal. 

It does not, but it should, matter that one of the alleged wanna-be felons on his website page, whatever you call it, says the most terrible hate filled stuff about Mr. Trump. 

Even worse than any of the haters that write letters to the AV Press. This guy uses profanity like you would a noun or verb.

Yet, it’s Mr. Trump’s fault. I don’t remember any right wing person bad mouthing Bernie Sanders after one of his loyal fools shot up a softball practice, nearly killing a U.S. congressman. 

In fact, I did not hear anything except that Mr. Sanders is not now or ever, responsible for that shooting or any other deeds done by his followers. I remind you that not all 13 arrested support Mr. Trump. Most do not.

As one who loves our country, I am always saddened when these stupid things take place or are in the works.

Thank God that the FBI is on the job and governor is safe.

However, she should follow Mr. Sanders’ example: Be grateful, thankful and put the blame squarely on those fools who tried to do this, not on Mr. Trump.

Like most politicians, you can lay a lot at Mr. Trump’s feet, same for Mr. Biden, et al, but kidnapping a governor is not one of them. Anyone who is awake, has an IQ above zero and can read, knows this.

Skip Thacker



Thank you Barbara Richardson for your letter today.

I am also so very exhausted with the same half a dozen writers and their political rants.

The letters to the editor should be about our community and happenings in the Antelope Valley.

Will these tiresome political complaints on both sides of the political spectrum stop soon?

Maybe after the election? Anytime? Please?

I agree with Barbara that these political “savants” could have their own page, or their own paid advertisements. I thought the editor announced some time ago that a person could write a letter once a week. The same few writers seem to completely dominate the Letters to the Editor these days. I avoid them all.

Patty Akkad


Editor’s note: Yes, the one-letter-per-week rule still applies.


When will it end?

As we all hear about and read the news of the presidential and vice presidential debates, it seems clear that they have outlived their usefulness.

With the squabble over whether to have an in person or a virtual debate it seems that the reason for them has been forgotten. The drama and hysterics are center  stage now. There was no discussion of plans or philosophy of either candidate.

The first debate, 1960, between Richard Nixon and John Kennedy, was formal, restrained, and substantive. The debate between Trump and Biden couldn’t have been more different. 

Between the interruptions, the accusations and the cheap shots from both of them, it all turned out to be a monumental waste of time. Neither was presidential. Neither got their facts straight. Neither suggested an outline for the future if elected.

The democrats have expended so much time, money and energy trying to “get” President Trump, they have no energy for any meaningful discussion. 

The republicans have been working so hard to hang on to what they have in the house and senate that they have been of little help to the president.

The ongoing conflict in government, the COVID 19 costs and the business downturn are going to nearly bankrupt this country. Neither side knows what to do. 

And we the electorate and taxpayers are being left out in the cold. No one cares what we think. 

The state has several tax measures on the ballot and the federal government wants to give away trillions of dollars. No one is being held accountable for their actions or spreading the virus. The do gooders want to still keep handing out the free stuff. 

And then there is the coming flap over the Supreme Court nomination. When will it all end. Nov. 3rd can’t too soon.

Jim Gardner


Logic and reason

Although I am not a Lancaster resident, I agree with the denial of the permit for a Circle K at the corner of 20th Street West and Avenue J. 

However, my agreement is only based on the market saturation argument alone. 

There are sufficient sources to purchase alcohol on the other three corners and there are numerous gas stations within a one mile radius. 

What I do not agree with is seemingly holding any developer hostage for a hydrogen fueling station in exchange for a permit. 

That sounds a lot like extortion. You don’t agree? Well, the GSN reported that Mr. Crist indicated that he might be willing to change his mind if the fueling station was agreed to. 

I have a mental picture of Mr. Parris holding one of Mr. Crist’s arms behind his back and the Council doing the same with the developer. Sounds like a good idea for a political cartoon if one of the readers can draw well.

While the idea of making Lancaster the center of hydrogen fueling technology for the United States is laudable, it is seemingly a significant initial cost investment and long-term, non-standard maintenance expense for any operator to fund until the technology either matures or becomes prevalent enough to justify such an investment. 

It would seem more logical to collocate any pilot program hydrogen fueling stations with existing natural gas and electric vehicle fueling stations. 

Logic and reason regarding hydrogen should be more buoyant than emotion when deciding on any permit. Mayor Parris, Mr. Crist and Lancaster City Council, you have my permission to take credit for this idea.

Phil Harvey



President Trump paid $750 in federal taxes and Al Sharpton paid none.

Alicia Avila


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