Equal justice?

In last week’s opinions cartoon it depicted an elephant drawing the redistribution areas. 

In case that out of stater hadn’t noticed CA. Is a totally Democrat controlled state. Such a outrageously misleading item should not have been printed. 

In Mr Marsh’s opinion 10-11 21 he quoted Mr. Kilanowski saying she was no threat to anyone. I have to agree. 

Anyone who saw the Video of that murder could see Ms Babbit struggling to pull herself up to that very small window. 

The officer could easily have pushed her Backwards.Totally no reason to kill her. Another false statement by Mr. Marsh “ there was no outrage among Trump supporters” false. 

There was no outrage in general population because the Democrat controlled national media made her, an unarmed woman, to be a determined murderer. 

We have soldiers being prosecuted for mistakingly shooting unarmed citizens in the heat of battle. 

If there is any equal justice, that WH officer has to be charged, same as local policeman or a soldier in battle seeing his buddies being killed around him. 

Thomas Russell Horner 


It’s called treason

Curt Redecker — letters 10/6:

“A person whose only crime was entering the capitol on Jan. 6 ...”

Only crime, Curt? Attempting to overthrow the government? Really? That is treason. 

And if you’re good with that then you are treasonous. 

People have been executed for treason — a trespassing charge is way too lenient for an act like that.

Ken Pyle


A prediction

President Biden will be remembered as the worst president in Americas history.

Alicia Avila


Your vote counts

Russia smasha, you forgot about the Godfather’s advice: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Anybody tired of the way the Parties are doing their politics? I think we can agree that both parties are right and wrong at times.

We’re looking to unite the voters groups under one flag, to work together on issues that concern us all. The issues that we agree on we vote as a block and the ones we disagree on we vote anyway.

The billionaires that put up their dollars for these elections cannot get elected by their dollars but by the voters votes.

This is a grass root operation and we’re starting at the bottom and working up. We can’t do everything but we can do something; we’re going to start with jobs, schools, (teachers and students) and prison justice reform and your vote counts.

T.C. Weeks


Blind justice

So, now the far left loonies want to keep giving money to folks, who should have already returned to work, to keep staying home, to the end, which is America turning socialistically commie.

If you hate my American that much, why do you stay?

One of the talking heads on CNN, who said “show me where protests are to be peaceful...” (or words to that effect) — now wants those who speak up at school board meetings to be jailed as “domestic” terrorists, due to some folk being angry enough to argue, swear at, and say to idiot board members: “We will vote you out — “

If you hate parents for wanting, in my America, their children to be taught real school subjects only that much, why do you stay?

We have a lot of lefties here, and, most do understand that folks have the right to get involved in their childrens’ education, and that unbridled spending, on not needed pork will ruin our country. I think most would say: Leave your hands off of parents who care. Arrest those who are stupid enough to do criminal acts, especially looters, burners and anyone who throws a brick or swings a bat, in anger, at folk, windows, cars, etc. — jail them all —.

Yet ... almost zero were arrested. But — many peaceful folk, who voted for Trump, are still in jail — uncharged — for walking, unarmed, through the capitol bldg ... justice is blind — but — this is stupid ...

Skip Thacker


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