Give ’em a chance

Now that Katie Hill has been forced out of her congressional seat by Nancy Pelosi, voters here in the Antelope Valley have a chance to remedy Hill’s disastrous tenure.  

Steve Knight was beaten quite badly in 2018, and it is time for him to bow out and rest on his laurels.  

The next Republican choice should be more reflective of the changing demographics throughout the 25th congressional district. Veteran US Navy Pilot, Michael Garcia, and Lancaster councilwoman Angela Underwood-Jacobs deserve a chance to serve at the national level.  

Bill Heard


‘Rebellion of

the heart’

Katie Hill, Democrat Ca., caught in a scandal involving allegations of multiple liaisons with staffers.

Ms. Hill’s first response was ‘No, it did not happen.’ Then came the report that it was her husband who was taking revenge on her … they were divorcing. Whoops, then comes evidence of nude photos, and text messages surface confirming the affairs with two of her subordinates, a male and female staffer.

Lastly, comes her resignation, and blame that she is not actually responsible for her behavior. Typical of not taking responsibility for your actions, even when they violate House Ethics standards.

Katie Hill, now crys ‘double standard’, that she can’t keep her congressional seat and is the victim of ‘revenge porn’ which drove her from office. This is not required of men in congress. Of course this never happened to Republican Joe Barton or Democrat Anthony Weiner.

Nancy Pelosi, D. Ca, Speaker of House, embraces Katie for her fine work in Congress, supporting Democrat tyranny.

Another sound bite for public consumption to hide integrity and ethics, Nancy Pelosi blames the issue on “cyber exploitation”. Lack of ethics are not even an issue for Nancy.

We should take to heart it isn’t bad if nobody knows about it. But then people with integrity consider, “You do the right thing even when nobody is watching.”

No double standard here, just the old rebellion of the heart.

Richard Skidmore


A ‘great success’

In response to Steven Brewer’s 09-06-2019 letter that stated 40 million people were living in poverty in 1964, as well as in 2014, so the “War on Poverty” was a failure. This information proves exactly the opposite and here’s why.

The difference between the 1960 census 179,323,175 and the 1970 census 203,392,031 was 24,068,856. If you multiply the difference by .4 that equals 9,627,542. If you add that to the 1960 census you get 189,050,699, the approximate 1964 population. Divide that figure into 40 million and you get 21.15 percent of the population living poverty in 1964.

The difference between the 2000 census 281,421,960 and the 2010 census 308,745,538 was 27,323,632. Assuming the population will increase by at least the same amount from 2010 to 2020, if you multiply the difference by .4 that equals 10,929,452. If you add that figure to the 2010 census you get 319,674,991, the approximate 2014 population. If you divide that figure into 40 million you get 12.82%. Therefore, in 1964, approximately 21.15% of the population lived in poverty and in 2014 approximately 12.82% did, for the difference of 8.33%. If you divide 2115 into 833, you get 39.38%. So, as a percentage of the population, those living in poverty dropped by almost 40% from 1964 to 2014.

It seems as though Steven may have allowed his right wing political philosophy to completely override the facts that he himself presented, to come up with exactly the opposite incorrect conclusion.

Therefore, according to those very figures, the “War on Poverty,” was a great success.

Marty Scepan


Honor retired teachers

I sincerely hope that everyone will honor their retired teachers this week for it is retired teachers week.

Perhaps you can pay them a visit, give them a phone call and reminisce, take them to lunch, buy them a cup of coffee, send school supplies in honor of a retired teacher.

Retired teachers are the best people. As a group, we volunteer hundreds of thousand hours for our communities.  I say to all the retired teachers, thank you for a fantastic job well done.

Rachel Roach


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