‘You’re guilty, bro’

WWIII has begun: (Whistleblowers Word). The word of the whistleblower trumps facts and sworn testimony. And, even more beautiful, you don’t even have to produce him to face the accused. Hell, you don’t even have to actually have a whistleblower, just claim you do. How sweet is that? You’re guilty bro...the “Whistler” has whistled.

Fantasy you say? Sounds that way but if you have been watching the impeachment hearings you know that is exactly what is going on right now in DC. Paraphrasing the events that got us here today: Chairman Adam Schiff says “Person ‘A’ told person ‘B’ who told the ‘whistleblower’ who told my ‘aide’ who told ‘me’ that you said...” Oh, and by the way, nobody in this gossip chain likes you and we want you out of office.

You want to do what? Call a defense witness? No, no, no, we get to pick the witnesses, we’re the majority and we make the rules.

To be continued...stay tuned.

Harold Holifield


Talk it out

I’m writing to you what took place in Saugus High School today. What a tragedy, but this type of violence is happening all over because some people have an ax to grind and they do not know how to deal with their own demons. Like a challenging situation at home or in the office of where they work. Everybody has challenging situations in their lives but it is how you are taught to deal with them.

I grew up with some very challenging situations: lack of money for food and sometimes clothes and shoes and abandonment by my father. But thanks to a very loving mother, her faith in God and keeping her family together until age 78.

She was the strong one in the family, for she had guts and grind.

Mother saw to it that we went to school and did well in school. We were educated in Los Angeles, Bellflower and Long Beach schools and we turned out just fine. No Albert Einsteins or Leonardo Da Vinci’s,but we are all good American citizens. Not gong around shooting up our people or its citizens, who never did anything to hurt us. If someone hold hurt you, work it out in a negotiable way, talk it out then shake hands. Is that so hard to do?

By the news media reports, the shoots may have had some issues (investigations are ongoing and we may never know what his motives were, but it would have bee a lifesaver to the. Loves ones who lost their lives, had this shooter talked it over with his family or a friend. There is help out here, just ask for it. Go to your church, temple or synagogue in time of need.

My heartfelt sympathies to the parents who lost their children today.

Anne Uribe-


Quartz Hill

Here’s an idea

Another tragic shooting, this time at Saugus High School I think it’s time to revisit a suggestion I offered some time ago.

Retired member of our armed forces, preferably Marines in dress uniform or battle fatigues, carrying a semi-automatic rifle (with a clip in their pocket) should be hired as a roving presence for all to see — on and off campus.

Would it have any effect on potential future shootings? The would tell, but I will assure the reader that students would be pleased that their high school cared enough for their safety to have their back.

Yes, it would be expensive, more than $500,000 per school year for one carrier per campus in the Antelope Valley. But what price to we place on the safety of our precious children?

Ray Freeman


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