‘Come and take us’

Prior before he died, quote “The fall of the United States, will not come from outside of the U.S. boarders. But within.” Unquote. Vietnam leader Ho Chi Minh.

It seems our Democrat leaders of the far left are doing their best to destroy our nation and take away our freedom, our guns and our religion.

Not on my watch! Socialism will not destroy the United States from a Spartan King of 300. Come and take us.

Carl Hernandez



until death

Senators Warren and Sanders have put forth Medicare for All which would replace the current private health insurance plans.

Estimates are that 180M people currently have private health insurance. While candidates Warren and Sanders have proposed Medicare for All most of the other Democratic candidates support the Medicare for All plan.

Experts estimate the program would cost 32 to 52 Billion over 10 years. For those who believe these numbers I call to your attention to the government run California Bullet Train which was estimated at 30 Billion and is now somewhere around 100 billion — if it ever gets completed.

The Medicare for All plans call for elimination (destruction) of our current health insurance to be replaced by government run Medicare for All.

I believe a primary reason Medicare works today is many doctors accept the much lower reimbursement for service is they can recover some of their losses from private insurance plans.

What happens when private insurance plans are eliminated and Medicare for All fails, as it surely will. Remember Medicare is not free, you paid into a government fund your entire work life for 80% coverage and continue to pay monthly premiums until you die.

Curt Redecker


Thank you,

team #399

We would like to publicly recognize and applaud the hard work of Eagle Robotics Team #399 in putting on a scrimmage for First Lego League robotics teams.

It was really helpful for us, as a new team, to get a taste of competition without the pressure, so we know what to expect at the qualifying match.

We appreciated that all the feedback was the kind that builds up and recognizes what the team has accomplished. You all did a great job keeping energy high through a long day, with the MCs dashing from table to table to celebrate both victories and good efforts, and offering dance parties during the breaks.

We enjoyed watching the recap video and remembering the day. Even check-in was memorable and fun, early as it was, because the fee collector was stashing the money in her crown. We also wanted to especially thank you for spending all that effort making the awards — they were amazing. We had a great time and look forward to coming again next year. Thank you, Eagle Robotics Team #399!

Veronica, Thomas and Amanda Alvine

Fellowship of the Bricks


‘Xenophobes’ are still at it

As evidenced by the press release entitled “Annual Lundin blood drive taking place Saturday in Lancaster” (AV Press, 10.1.19), xenophobes are still exploiting the memory of Tyler Lundin, who lost his life to a 2006 traffic collision. Tyler Lundin’s death was a tragedy just as surely as blood drives are worthy occurrences. But said press release’s statement that “(A)n unlicensed, ‘illegal’ immigrant … caused the crash” only served to inflame public sentiment against the undocumented.

Think about it. When was the last time you read something to the effect of “An American citizen caused the crash”? You’ve not read that because no one has ever written such a thing. Therefore, not only was the mentioning of an individual’s immigration status irrelevant to the press release, it suggested that “all” undocumented immigrants are criminals.

Like it or not, undocumented immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than are citizens born in the United States. So perhaps future press releases for these blood drives could mention nothing more than the tragic fact that Tyler Lundin lost his life as a result of a traffic collision.

In a statement directed at me, Gary Hansen wrote, “To all of you pampered and pompous haters of the military, capitalism, and America in general, you feel you are more intelligent and superior than the rest of us. This is proven by the way you write your opinions.”

Since he vehemently disagrees with me on a socio-political level, it is not surprising that Gary Hansen views me as pompous. Yet never has Hansen offered a similar objection to this forum’s educated right-winger who routinely honors us with pompous — indeed turgid, self-inflated theorizing without ever pausing to substantiate those pronouncements. I suppose it does indeed depend upon whose ox is gored.

Guy Marsh


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