Letters from readers, November 21, 2019

Maybe not a good idea

I have a little advice for Guy marsh. The next time he needs a plumber, electrician, auto mechanic, or even a tile contractor, he might refrain from calling any of them a “petty capitalist”. I don’t believe it would go over well for him.

Biff Baker

Antelope Acres

The military, that’s why

I wrote, “(T)here exists a copious amount of information — albeit primarily ignored — that shows that the U.S. military is nothing more than a multinational corporate protection racket.” In response, Steve Lockhart wrote, “There is also a copious amount of information available concerning the need for a strong military in current times.”

Yes, we are living in perilous times. Yet it is the U.S. that is mainly responsible for that danger. Since 2001, the U.S. has been responsible for the unjust deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. We have decimated Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Pakistan. We have restored a murderous dictatorship in Egypt. And we continue to facilitate Israel’s war crimes just as we are responsible for the creation of ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

Moreover, those calamities were the inevitable results of this society’s standing military, which was the reason why George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and other founders emphatically warned against the establishment of a standing army. For once a standing military is established, reactionary politicians and bureaucrats find new incentives. Politicians and individuals with military-related careers become incentivized to maintain their jobs. The support for endless wars is the perfect policy for attaining that goal.

Indeed, It is the yearly, one-trillion-dollar corporate grab bag, otherwise known as the U.S. military that is destabilizing the entire world and destroying this country. With an estimated 50% of the federal budget devoted to militarism, “our” military is the reason why we are unable to bring about genuine democracy, provide healthcare for all, end homelessness, repair our crumbling infrastructure, revive our system of public education, and so much more.

The American empire is quickly collapsing before our eyes, and its bloated military is chief amongst the reasons why.

Guy Marsh


Here’s an idea

There is some discussion these days about dysfunctional government. This is prompted by the many fires that have impacted our state and, also, by the recent active shooter situation in Santa Clarita.

A wise California politician once said that our institutions are fine, its just that they are getting overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the public utilizing them. He has a point. The elephant in the room that people don’t speak about these days is the fact we have too many people and the population keeps growing and we keep trying to accommodate the overflow.

In the meantime, services are available for those needing assistance because they are unable to provide for themselves. You may pick-up a list from the county or senior center with a listing of all of the resources that the needy can partake. However, there are just so many shelter beds available.

The non-profits receiving the homeless funds do what they can with what they receive. I am speaking about the non-profits that deal directly with the needy, not those who are building apartment complexes at the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars an unit. Surely, there is a better expenditure of homeless funds than this. To add insult to injury, the homeless have to be screened before they can be admitted to these new facilities. By whom? The other non-profits that deal with the homeless directly! Meanwhile, the other homeless are left on the street.

Here’s an idea: everyone gets taken off the streets. They are housed in tent cities. Then, the teams from the Sheriff’s Department and those from DPSS can work with them individually. Nothing can be accomplished under the current situation. It needs to end now.

Michael P. Rives


Not that exciting

I noticed two outrageous pricing articles in the paper Sunday. One was for the cost of sickle cell medicines at 80,000 to 113,000 a year, that might get help from insurance. I don’t know how anybody can afford that. And secondly ,the price for a Rams ticket, upper deck midfield seat for $4000. That certainly is limiting their viewers at the game. But they’re always full.

We used to go to the Dodgers ball game at $20 a ticket and it soon became a very rare event as their prices rose. I don’t go anymore.

How can a family afford that price anymore? It’s definitely exciting to go to a game, but it’s also exciting to just stay at home and watch it.

Rachel Roach


Raised right

Hello everyone and good morning. After reading the opinion section in the paper this morning one thing comes to mind ... Elijah Johnson was raised right. Thank you for the beautiful way you posed your letter Elijah. Focusing on the positive and so eloquently is a gift you have. I share your hope and look forward to what comes next.

Alice Rice


Happy Thanksgiving

I wish our brave deputies, county firefighters a safe, bountiful Thanksgiving. May God bless and protect you brave women and men. Amen.

Douglas Valpey


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