The swamp is available to testify…

Let them know

I had the pleasure of seeing my parents in Las Vegas over the weekend to celebrate my father’s 83rd birthday.

My dad is in the throws of dementia and early onset Alzheimer’s disease and has been a Type 2 diabetic for 40 years.   

I had the opportunity to see first hand what has been concerning my mom.

I watched as he filled out multiple keno tickets with the same numbers for the same games and buy them all.  

He’s still able to have a nice conversation and tell the old stories, but moves at a snail’s pace.

He recently had a device installed in his belly that allows him to take his blood sugar readings without drawing blood.  

He has a programmable insulin delivery system that makes it easy to administer his meds right at the dinner table.

We made it to the Plaza from the California downtown.

I bought dinner at Oscar’s Steakhouse in the circular glass dome that used to be the swimming pool back in the ’70s.

He got his scotch and I got my vodka martini and we toasted his awesome life.

That’s when my dad said, “I couldn’t be more proud to have you as my son.”

I’ve waited 58 years to hear my dad say those words to me.    

That was better than any jackpot I could have won on a slot machine.  

After dinner we blended in with the freaks on Freemont Street and I watched my dad dance with this cute lady sporting a beer bottle and love beads.

We made it back to the California Hotel where they can check out, but can never leave.

Life is bizarre, beautiful and short, so tell someone you love them, if you do.    

Mitchell Seyfer


Political exercise

Impeachment is not removal from office. If the House of Representatives has a simple majority vote favoring it, then Trump is “impeached.” The vote then goes to the Senate for approval.  

For Trump to be removed from office the Senate will have to approve the impeachment by a 2/3 majority or 66 votes. While this may occur, it seems unlikely. The recent impeachment effort has been focused on the belief that he committed a “quid pro quo” by withholding military aid from Ukraine until they investigated an opponent, Joe Biden. More specifically, how Bidons son, Hunter, got millions of dollars for being on the board of a utility company.

This appointment is particularly perplexing since Hunter does not speak the Ukraine language, has no utility or even management experience, and has a reported past history of “personal problems”. To date actual facts are: both President Trump and Ukraine’s President, Zelensky, say no pressure was exerted to investigate the Biden family, the actual transcript of the conversation also indicates no quid pro quo, and the military aid in question was not withheld.

Zelensky indicated he did not even know the aid had been delayed. Some of the “witnesses” scheduled to testify against Trump were not present during the call, they were told by someone who heard from someone else that Trump had committed the unpardonable act. We have DACA resolution (dating back to Obama), immigration problems, unrest in the far east, Social Security and Medicare in financial distress, the homeless problem, Opioid addiction, and many other pressing problems that need Congressional attention.

The country would be much better served if the Democrats focused on accomplishing something that actually benefits the general population as opposed to spending so much time and money on what appears to be mostly a political exercise.

David R. Wheeler                                                                                                                     Lancaster

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