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Skip Thacker’s 11/11 scattershot tirade is a perfect example of the Gish Gallop tactic. Here are his own words showing how his letters contain lies.

11/30/18 “but even I can see how this would do away with voter fraud, illegals voting unlawfully and reduce expenses to counties, as less folk would actually walk into a voting booth.” Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission disbanded after 11 months finding nothing.

7/1/19 “Because he (Trump) was the only one on the ballot who did not kill four Americans in Benghazi and lie and blame it on a movie, because he did not call those who support his opponent deplorable and other less than nice words.” Lying is “deplorable” Mr. Thacker. Check out your guy Trump for less than nice words.  

Eleven (11) hearings found no wrongdoing on the part of Hillary Clinton. She did not kill anyone. She did not lie to the FBI according to FBI

Director Comey and as stated by Judy Watson who submitted that falsehood.  

There are many more examples. Stay tuned.  

Bill Pappas


Some thoughts

I believe that several writers to the paper seem to be putting in more letters than once a week?

Also I don’t like to read the bad name calling of people that they don’t agree with.

Now some good things. I like all of the new comics you have added to the Sunday paper. Today Veterans day I was driving thru the Mac Donalds to buy a coffee that I give to a homeless man and when I got to window to pay they told me that the car behind me had paid for me.

I am a Vet and have a sticker on the back of my car that shows I am a Vet. Thank you and may we have peace no more wars.

Now about the 3-way stops at Godde Hill and Elizabeth Lk. road. My wife drives Bouquet Cyn. to Elizabeth Rd. to Godde Hill Rd. home at night, she believes that there needs to be a brighter light at that intersection. Also having the stop signs that have flashers on them would be good.

Keith Brooker


Editor’s note: We do not publish more than one letter per person, per week. However, it may appear that way, depending on when the old letters run out. Please see the editorial published on 10/17/19, for an explanation.

Taxed to the max

About 33 years ago, the state legislature passed the “bottle bill.” It required that all plastic and metal cans be taxed and they called it the CRV to encourage recycling. The recycling of bottles and cans has gradually become a big business and many homeless live on the CRV money. However, many don’t seem the realize that all that CRV money can be returned if the cans and bolts are recycled at an official station.  Most grocery stores had one. But wait! They are gone. The recycling stations are mostly all closed,

The reason is that China is no longer buying cans and bottles so the market for recycled items is gone. In the last year over 1,200 recycling stations have closed in LA county and many more across the state. So what is the ardent recycler to do?  

I did some searching and found four places in the valley that will still take plastic bottles and aluminum cans; two in Lancaster and two in Palmdale. They are hard to find but Tom Lackey’s office has the locations.  They deal in cash and may not take everything that we used to recycle but at least we can get our CRV money back.

Since we in California are already taxed to the max, it seems reasonable that the return of our CRV money should be available with reasonably available recycling stations.

Jim Gardner


Brewer’s thoughts

So according to one of our liberal friends still having 40 million people in poverty after 50 years and spending billions is a success. Just like the state of California. Always having a surplus at the end of their fiscal year but never ever having enough to pay their obligations.

November 7 the 3rd anniversary of the democratic announcement that they will impeach president Trump for the high crime of beating their chosen one, the polyester pantsuit queen.

The democratic politicians have tried to impeach 5 of the last 6 Republican presidents. Guess they didn’t want to pick on poor old Gerald Ford just because he wasn’t elected.

I see the “acting” president of the UAW is claiming that he is going to clean up corruption in the union. When are the rest going to start?

I see the California “High speed rail” got their environmental study okay dokey for the stretch from Shafter to Bakersfield. Now they have to pray for the people of California to give them some more money to waste on the slow train to nowhere.

Read an interesting proposal on property taxes by a mayoral candidate for Boise, Idaho.  He calls it proposition zero one two three. If you are a resident of more than 60 years in Idaho you pay zero property taxes, if you’re a new resident of the state you get to pay the highest taxes because you are probably creating more new expenses for the area such as schools and other infrastructure needed to support your immigration to Idaho.

Steve Brewer


Would it

be different?

Regarding the impeachment inquiry, I wonder if self-identified patriotic types who see no “there” there, would see something terribly wrong if this was a Democrat(ic) president.

Michael Komins


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