Would they?

A great many, seemingly intelligent, people have said that the November 2020 presidential election will mirror the 2016 election.  You know, history repeats itself. In reality there are numerous reasons why the two elections will not be at all that similar. In 2016 Donald Trump was an unknown quantity, having never held a political office. Some folks believed that Trump would actually do what he said he would do.  After all, both the Senate and House had Republican majorities, and Trump wouldn’t have lied to the voters, right?

Trump promised that the Affordable Care Act would be repealed, and replaced with the best health care bill in history. The only thing Trump and his fellow Republicans did was to cut more than two million people off of the ACA, which they hoped the Supreme Court would rule unconstitutional. Trump also promised a big tax cut for the middle class. What the American people got was a tax cut giving 80% of the benefits to the very wealthy and large corporations.

Trump also declared he would sign into law a $1 trillion infrastructure bill to repair our crumbling roads, highways and bridges.  The Congress and Trump didn’t even attempt to get such a bill passed. Watch out for those potholes.

No one in their right mind would seriously consider voting for Trump again. Would they?

Ralph S. Brax


It’s not so great

After living in California for more than 40 years, Mr. Homan moved to South Carolina and wrote about the benefits of moving to the state. Homan wrote about the roads: “Lanes have been added to many roads in Myrtle Beach. Improving and repaving streets and roads is routine and frequent.”

Homan neglected to mention the cons of living in South Carolina: 1. Tourist Season. “During tourist season, traffic can become a little frustrating. A notorious highway in Myrtle Beach that is necessary to travel on to get to many places becomes a standstill.” 2. Roads. “…I have never driven in a city that has more crap on the roads than in MB. Any given day I dodge road kill, garbage, lumber, plants, nails, and remnants from other vehicles.”

3. Allergies: “I spent most of April putting up with a nasty cough, constant watery eyes, and a bothersome runny nose. The pollen here really does impact your system. When I first moved here, I quietly dismissed the people who told me it might take some getting used to but now as I look back on it they were right.” “Pros & Cons Of Living In Myrtle Beach”,

What about people who live there?: “I’ve lived in South Carolina for 25 years, now — Myrtle Beach has all of the drawbacks of a small Southern town (low income, high poverty, low education, incredibly high levels of racism and outdated ideals, Stephanie Israel Sep 2017.

“The state may offer a cheaper cost of living than others, but at the expense of wages.” In 2018, South Carolina ranked 33rd in factors such as job opportunities/economic standing. Unemployment rate is at 4.4%, higher than national average. Minimum wage is $7.25/hr. “A Guide To Moving To South Carolina,” (May 2018)

Vincent White


Here comes

‘Big Brother’

Big Brother comes to Lancaster. It was reported in Thursdays Valley Press that the City of Lancaster is planning to allow the installation 80,000 cameras mounted on street lights, that is a surveillance system that boggles the mind.

Of course a private company will not charge the city, but what will they do with the information. There has to be a profit motive somewhere. These cameras will also have microphones to record what.

One completely bogus claim reported by the Valley Press is that this system can distinguish the make and model of a firearm that is discharged. I can tell you that no computer or human ear could tell the difference between a 357 magnum round being fired out of a Smith and Wesson or a Colt or a Taurus revolver or any other firearm of the same caliber and barrel length.

Along with the expensive, to tax payers, Lancaster Air Force Cessna 172 in our sky why do we need this level of intrusion. Remember the Red Light Cameras, a violation of Due Process and eventually removed again at tax payer expense. These cameras can read small letters like plates on cars, will the data be used to inforce car registration or just keep track of your coming and going, who is going to be watching you.

Do you trust the City of Lancaster, I sure don’t. I wish they would stop coming up with these hair brained plans and do what they are being paid to do, like better law enforcement and repair the streets and send the homeless back to LA.

David Stilwell


Editor’s note: The “bogus” claim to which you are referring was a statement made by Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris.

People can change

They say people cannot change but that is not true.

it’s really up to you. You can strive to achieve your dreams or choose to lock in a room.

They say once a person is what they became, they cannot change.

See, people who do, it’s all up to you.

It takes time and effort and a healing hand, but it can if you demand.

The choice is up to you. I can say this is true. I have been there too.

Dymphna Blower Nesel


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