Letters from Readers, November 3, 2019

Walker’s review

A double two thumbs up and one two thumbs down ... The first two thumbs up is for Pres. Trump taking out ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi.

And in all likelihood took out his second in command according to reports.

He was a brutal jihadist murderer who was attempting to organize ISIS with other terrorist groups into a consolidated group under his command. The goal was to reenergize the caliphate.

This is a big deal in spite of the Democratic party and main stream news ignoring the issue. In fact, some in the media attempted to make him look like a good guy.

The second two thumbs up goes to Katie Hill for resigning her seat in Congress.

When she was running in 2018 none of her flyers that I saw listed any party affiliation listed which came across as deceptive.

Now she blames her abusive husband and right-wing operatives for leaking her nude photos. Never mind she allowed photos to be taken of her while in sexual encounters. She’s right about one important thing, she said she does have really bad judgment. She blames her husband of using porn revenge against her. It’s funny she must not realize that phrase implies her photos are in fact porn. Dems need to be careful of who they nominate and elect into office. Hopefully, it may be the last time a democrat will be elected to the 25th district.

Two thumbs down for PG&E. They’ve been found at fault for their equipment being responsible for starting some of the fires. The destruction and loss of life is horrible and still continues. When will the state force them replace old equipment for equipment with new technologies ?

Dave Walker


Finger pointing

So Pelosi and Shiff have been, since his election, manipulating the peoples thoughts and beliefs on Trump as our president.  

Most all of it so far has been fake news filled with the stretch of what amounts to coercing and lying.  

Is there anything different in what Pelosi and Shiff are doing to that of which they continue to accuse Trump of? Trump was voted in mostly because we the people have been fed up with the way politics have become, and now Pelosi and Shiff are trying to put it back where that ugly was. Against what the people want.

Pelosi is straight up controlling the people to achieve this. Personal attack, disruption thru manipulation for purposes of control is not in the outline of the Speakers duties and responsibilities. Why isn’t that a red flag to everyone?   

Look at California, and how the citizens are finally rebelling from their tax increasing, debt increasing and deficit expanding years of unchecked democrat control.  

We don’t need this same kind of behavior in our White House again. Shut Pelosi and Shiff down. If Pelosi and Shiff get their way, the nation will be run much like California has been. The people are tired and angry at taking these giant deep pocket steps to nowhere and treated like a herd.  

Imagine how further forward we could have been had the democrats concentrated on their respective district concerns, than to have spent these past 4 years doing not much more than pointing fingers of personal discontent at our president.   

John Houchens


What a shame

Much as been made of the resignation of now former representative Katie Hill from Congress. I remember her for positive and negative reasons.

No one I have ever met in politics in my 60 years (I started at 10) could work a room filled people like Katie. She looked the people in the eye and shook hands with everyone. No shyness on her part. If you were a friendly face, you got a hug.

I remember a parade in Lancaster before the election in which a rival had a truckload of supporters with his name brazen on tee shirts. I walked carrying Katie’s banner with another supporter. That was all the supporters she had that day. But before the primary things changed and there were groups of volunteers pounding on your door and a bunch of mailers in your mailbox. What a turnaround.

After her election, I disagreed with her on the internet with certain issues. I even complained when I thought she did something unethical like use her office manager to campaign for her on a Saturday. I didn’t think it was proper, but it did not seem the election commission or House Ethics Committee cared about my complaint.

A lot of comment was made about her personal life. I reminded everyone on the internet what the carpenter said about the person without sin casting the first stone. Still rings true.

Once I was standing next to Katie at AV Hospital at a meeting. I introduced her to some of people there that I knew. Then, it dawned upon me: I could be standing next to the first woman president of the United States.  

Shame things turned out the way that they have and what might have been is no more.

Michael Rives


Won’t be duped by a ‘charlatan’

Katie Hill should be ashamed of herself. Not just for the obvious indiscretions she committed but for the not-so obvious. She should be ashamed of duping voters into thinking she was a solid stable member of our community capable of representing us in Washington. She should be ashamed of the campaign she ran against incumbent Steve Knight ... of which rumor has it was specifically funded by Nancy Pelosi and the DNC to pad their majority in the House of Representatives. She should be ashamed of herself for falling back on that old tried and true “I am just a woman and as such they are attacking me” and blaming the man in her life (whom she actually married and claims that she abused him). I am sick and tired of the Hillary Clinton Excuse Factory dreaming up more and more reasons why women can’t make it, even when they themselves screw it up with reprehensible behavior. This is all on her.

Last, she should be ashamed of herself for taking a position for impeachment against our president. Donald Trump is a duly elected president of these United States of America ... by the people ... which include me. In case Katie Hill did not notice, her district is primarily conservative ... and that’s why many of us live out in these areas.

To the candidates that are now salivating and lining up for the 25th District spot. We are watching and reading everything about you. If you want our vote in what appears to be a coming special election, you better plan on earning our vote. As per the old adage “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. “We will not be duped again by a charlatan ... and we will hold you accountable.  

Larry Dunn


Turn that frown upside down

I usually don’t direct a letter to one of the AV Press regular Opinion writers, but just this once — Guy Marsh, I read your opinions  multiple times per week. I am saddened that they are always negative and I am wondering what it would take to make you smile — with happiness — just once.

I am willing to invite you out for a coffee and a chat — just to be able to see you in a positive mood.

Or how about a letter expressing something upbeat, letting us know what makes you happy — please?

Patty Akkad


Fire bugs, not ET

When my wife and I moved to the Antelope Valley on March 1995 we experience wild winds and dust storms.

Tumble weeds rolling amok on the desert floor, my wife and I had a conversation with family regarding fires.

We came to a conclusion that we have fire bugs living in the Antelope Valley, not extraterrestrials.

Fred Flores


Butterfly distraction

No too long ago

a butterfly kiss

landed upon my lips

As I walked the lost

abyss. An angels wings

and humming bird

sing a life in my

lost and wandering

bliss. A forgotten

love could it be

a little angel

sending a tiny kiss

upon butterfly wings

and an angels sing

a butterfly kiss

landed upon my lips

soft and gentile

then away a

butterfly kiss came

my way

one hot summer’s day

Dymphna Blower Nesel


Testing the water

Palmdale Water District (PWD) agrees with Mr. Gary Cope that the water provided for our customers must be thoroughly tested to ensure all state and federal requirements are met. For that reason, PWD tests over 10,000 water samples each year. Our annual Consumer Confidence Report provides a summary of the tests for regulated and a few unregulated chemicals. The Reports can be found on PWD’s website at https://www.palmdalewater.org/about/reportsstudies/water-quality-reports/.

Additional testing is done for other unregulated chemicals of concern, including those listed in Mr. Cope’s letter.

PWD groundwater sources near Plant 42 have been tested for the chemicals of concerns presented to ERAB and none of the chemicals were detected. The tests were performed by an independent certified laboratory using the approved EPA 537 method (TOP Assay Method).

PWD has been active in the oversight of Plant 42’s clean-up efforts since the 1990s with participation in and hosting of the Environmental Restoration Advisory Board. There are specific locations within Plant 42 with water quality problems. They are being addressed and are not affecting the water served to Palmdale Water District customers. Palmdale’s drinking water is safe and of high quality.

Dennis LaMoreaux

PWD general manager


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