Admit it

Just wondering here. The Democratic presidential candidates are all talking about Medicare for all. Doesn’t that really mean that they are admitting that Obama care is a flop and doesn’t work?

Steve Pittinato


It’s important

Guy Marsh says citing the immigration status of the driver in an accident that killed Tyler Lundin is irrelevant.

Well the driver of the vehicle that collided with Tyler Lundin’s vehicle had two “should not have been” issues which makes immigration status relevant.  

First he “should not have been” driving while unlicensed and his second “should not have been” is he was here illegally.  

If either one of the “should not have been” issues had not occurred Tyler Lundin would very likely be alive today.  

And this Mr. Marsh is what makes stating these two facts in the press release relevant.

Curt Redecker


Good read

Many thanks, as usual, to Bill Warford for another great book recommendation.  

“One Day: The Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary 24 Hours in America,” by Weingarten sounds like a good read — so I bought it the same day Mr. Warford’s column appeared on Sunday in the AV Press.

Thanks, Bill.

Patty Akkad


‘White supremacy’

In a Democracy, the majority rules. If the majority decide they want your bike, they could take it. In a Republic, your bike is your property and you do not owe it to anyone. It cannot be taken against your will, buy law.

As America is a Constitutional Republic, the Constitution IS the law by which we are supposed to be protected FROM the majority; by constitutional law.

The current crop of Democrat presidential hopefuls are continually in our face saying that they will take our money (increase taxes), take the money of wealthy people (confiscation to “pay their fair share”) in the hopes of engendering the masses to agree with their legalized theft pandering to peoples covetous nature.

These same hopefuls are in our face stating that they will confiscate our guns, a violation of the 2nd Amendment, and will jail people for speaking out against their abominable policies (a violation of the 1st amendment) and will trample on our Religious beliefs because as a people we hold God and his word (the Holy Bible) inviolate (1st Amendment); all illustrations of shredding our Constitution.

Democrats are familiar with tyranny having started the KKK and white supremacy in our nation, imposing the will of the majority through force.

Representative Katie Hill (D. Ca) resigned in disgrace, has an Iron Cross tattooed on her body, the symbol of white supremacy; a Democrat praised by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, Ca).

Richard Skidmore


If the boot fits ...

To the response of my opinion on common sense, common sense tells you not to stick your finger in a mouse trap.

Also if the boot fits, wear it! Looks like you found a perfect fit.

Gary Hansen


Pro America

Mr Galindo’s letter in Mondays Valley Press goes on to say the President Trump would be Court Marshaled if he was in the military for aiding the enemy.

What about the Bill Clinton selling information to the PRC and Hillary Clinton and her leaky emails, he further states that only Congress has the right to declare war.

I guess Mr. Galindo was sick the day they taught History in school, as there has been not one declared war since World War Two.

Not Korea, not Viet Nam, not Grenada, not Panama not Afganistan, not Iraq, not anywhere that American troops have been engaged in combat.

We have police actions, crushing bad guys all over the world freeing opressed people but no declared war, ever. And as far as abandoning our allies, if they don’t pay their fair share and I don’t thing we should be the policemen for the world, then why should our blood and tax dollars go to provide security for our so called allies.

President Trump has stated several times America First, and that just drives the liberals nuts, I say good for him it is about time we had a Pro America President.

David Stilwell


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