What, not

how to think

So Representative Katie Hill has been “slimed.” Evil forces have driven her from her roll as my representative.

She claims mistreatment, however she was forced out by the DNC & Nancy Pelosi’s party machine.

If innocent, she surely would have been protected. Funny part is her last act was a very proud vote to remove my president on charges kept behind closed doors.

OK, it is what it is but I cant help being worried.

So many voters today have been taught what to think not how to think,

Karl Pearcy

Leona Valley


not power

Donald Trump has an innate survival instinct. It does not rely on truth or empirical facts. He simply embraces those who praise him and rejects all who oppose or criticize him.

Media outlets that disagree with him are “fake.” Politicians who question his leadership are “partisan hacks” or “human scum.” Polls that reveal Americans’ supporting his impeachment and removal are spurious.

“You’re looking at the wrong polls. I have the real polls.” No doubt that any poll, regardless of how outlying it might be, is a “real” one?

Trump recently threatened withholding Federal assistance to Cal Fire for battling wildfires. Certainly, California voters’ objections to his leadership influenced that decision.

There are many vacancies in the Trump administration. It is impairing the workings of government agencies. Trump fills positions with sycophants lacking crucial knowledge and experience.

Trump sees this as an advantage. Trump prefers acting secretaries, who don’t have to go through Senate scrutiny, thereby giving him “ more flexibility,” Trumpspeak for less oversight.

The president has always been preoccupied with projecting an image of strength and power. Does he realize that these pathetic acts serve to instead reveal his abject weakness? An ever-increasing number of Americans do.

Jarold Wright

Santa Rosa

Proving him wrong

OK, I get it. I know what the editors mean when they said as long as letters meet the guidelines, they are published, regardless of whether the Editorial Board agrees with their opinions.

I guess I will just have to use my free speech to show how wrong Guy Marsh is. He said the destruction of freedom and democracy around the globe at the behest of monolithic corporations is the actual role of the U.S. military.

That is wrong and insulting. Maybe he should tell the Jews who were freed by the U.S. military during the Holocaust, that the U.S. military destroyed their freedom.

Then he said most Americans are too consumed by this bread and circuses society to education themselves accordingly changes nothing.

Just where should people go to educate themselves Mr. Marsh? One of your liberal websites who spread lies about America?

The worst of his garbage was when he said the police are far more inclined to turn their weaponry against workers than they are to defend the Constitution.

That is unAmerican and anti police. How dare you say something like that Mr. Marsh. The police are there only to protect us not hurt us.

David Cooper


No power

Many residents in our area have had their electric power shut off for most of the past week. No heat, no lights and locally no telephone for emergency help. We have been unable to cook our meals and for people that rely on water wells, no water for people or animals. I support our representative, Mr. Lackey in his call to end power shut offs.

The power is being shut off because power down the line beyond us there is a critical fire area and currently there is no way to shut off just that area.

The action of the power company, Southern California Edison, is destroying our way of life.

Our home value has been significantly damaged. Who would want to buy a home in an area with only intermittent power and that maybe now or may be next week.

The corporation that provides electric power probably has little to fear.

In government regulation of their activities as reportedly, print one such recently donated almost a quarter million dollars to the campaign of our new governor.

I would think that local residents would have a good case in proclaiming that they were deprived of their property without due process of law.

Vance G. Kirkpatrick

Leona Valley

Special perk

Health care for all, but. The cry from the left is health care for all and it sounds grand.

The but come in when you find you can’t find a doctor. Even now, many (I can’t say most) doctors are not taking anymore patients as they are maxed out. I read a short time ago that several states I believe I read Montana or Wyoming of both had a patient to doctor ratio of 2,000 to 2.

If everyone goes on MediCare for all, will all states then have rations like I read just the other day. Has anyone mentioned putting a premium on getting new doctors into the system, If anyone has it must be in whispers.

Becoming a doctor may be up to 12 years and Senator Warren wants everyone on health care now. If you think a wait is long now, you better prepare your last will and testament while you wait in the long long long line to see a doctor.

By the way, you notice that health care for all is only about you and not for the Senate or Congress. I’m sure they will not let go of their special perk, just you sucker.

Gene Sannes


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