Do the right thing

On Nov.2 a person took the life of Meghan Schneider in a hit and run accident on 30th Street West, Lancaster.

I would say anyone involved in a tragedy like this would be very confused, scared. But you don’t run. I know her father well. He is a good man. He was hurt and angry at first. Then his compassionate and kindness overcame the hurt. He wants Justice and closure, as anyone would.

He told me he did not want this person’s life to be ruined because of a mistake. To me that was the person I have known and been friends with for years. The man with the big heart. It’s amazing to me. Whoever you are? I hope you read this or someone who knows you does. Do the right thing. Not only for the peace of mind you would bring to this family. But also for you, I cannot begin to understand the guilt and pressure you are under. Meghan was a sweet young woman, 18 years old.

She had special needs and is loved very much. If you have a hard time with courage to come forward, hopefully one of your friends or relatives will help you with that. Please, do the right thing.

Charles Elkins

Los Angeles

No point

in complaining

I fully agree with the editorial this morning on the housing shortage in California. One of the quotes was, “You can’t talk about costs without getting into politics.” How true!

We are senior citizens living in what is classified as an “unincorporated community” in LA County. Looking at my tax bill I noted the following: special water, community college, high schools, elementary schools, solid waste fee, county library, antelope mosquito abatement, trauma/emergency services, Measure A, and LA County Fire Department.

In this area we buy water from a private company (Cal Water Services) is it special, probably not, expensive, you bet. We have a septic system which we pay to have pumped — solid waste fee?

As for the next four items, they are nonexistent in this area. Also,we have a local, all-volunteer fire department, not a LA County Fire Station. So back to the quote. Most, if not all of these items are voter indebtedness or add-ons by the Tax Collector, thus complaining does no good!

Bill Bryan

Leona Valley

Enough is enough

Yesterday Katie Hill announced we would be seeing more of her on social media now that she is out of office. Hasn’t she already shown way too much?

Rumor has it she is releasing a new rap song. It’s titled “Nobody Knows the Throuple I’ve Seen.”

Bill Homan

Myrtle Beach, SC

Name dropping

I tried calling KABC to have their news van come out to interview me but when I told them my  story they basically told me that my story WAS not news worthy.

That said I hope the Valley Press will please listen.

I was at the local Walmart the other day and I overheard a conversation from  a guy who identified himself as Mr. White  who was talking to a guy who identified himself as Mr. Marsh who  also overheard the story from Mrs. Waters who heard this from Mr. Newsome that the moon was made of green cheese.

If this makes sense  and is believable to you then, well welcome to the democrat party and let start the impeachment process of our president. The names used in this segment are fictional.

Tom Walsh


Part of the ‘herd’

Looking forward to next weeks comedy show, the Democratic debate. Since all the candidates are offering free this and that, I’ll be watching if someone will offer to pay my mortgage balance. If that happens I might become part of the herd.

Gerardo Hernandez


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