So true

Mister Warren E. Williams column of October 27, 2019 quoted Founding Father John Adams comments on our Constitution.

Mr. John Adams also stated: “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbrideled by morality and religion.”

Sadly, those statements are so true today.

Jim Brock


A few things ...

Maybe Katie hill should stop blaming everyone else for her getting caught with her drawers off and look in the mirror for who is to blame.

VP article says that we need 10,000 more homes in the Antelope valley. Question, where are they going to get the water that they say we don’t have for them to flush the toilets?

Governor nonsense wants to take over the electric companies what could go wrong? Look at the government employee retirement funds, the way they drove up the cost of housing through rules and regulations, the way they spent your gas tax on things they promised not to, and they can be so proud of the “fast” train from LA to Frisco that might go from Fresno to Modesto maybe someday sorta kinda if they can divert enough cash from other promised programs.

The New York Times says the that Democrats mistate and Republicans lie. So that means they mistate all the time?

I see apple is trying to donate 2.5 billion to affordable housing but Californias restrictive laws won’t let them build more affordable housing.

Steve Brewer


What happened to ‘affordable’ homes?

I think it’s great that homes for veterans and others are being built in the AV.

However, do people and families really need a 2 car garage? Two or 2-1/2 bathrooms for a 3 to 4 bedroom house. Why not 1-1/2 bathrooms? Why not a nice carport instead of a garage? Why not just have the basics and keep the cost down? Most of us older people grew up with one bathroom in the house. And hardly anyone had a garage, they parked in the driveway, alley or on the street. Not every kid in the family had their own bedroom. There were no such things as game rooms, breakfast nooks, lofts, fireplace in almost every room, 3 and 4 car garages.  Houses were practical and affordable.

A friend of mine that is a senior loan/mortgage officer said it’s almost impossible to find a decent house in the AV for under $ 200,000. And a shack goes for over $ 100,000.

The real estate market is pricing most people out of home ownership. There will probably be another real estate bubble and recession again in the not so distant future. I don’t know of too many people that are making over $ 80,000 a year or whatever it takes to buy a nice home.

I think the developers need to build smaller, affordable houses. Not everyone wants or can afford a large home over 2,000 square feet on a tiny lot in the 250,000s or 300,000s. It used to be that what you could qualify for/afford was 2-1/2 times your income. And your payment could only be 1/3 of your income. And mortgages were for 20 years. If things keep on going up then there will be a lot more ‘homeless’ people.

Barbara Richardson   


There’s always Tweeting

Let’s see now, Nancy Pelosi announced she would hold a vote on a formal impeachment inquiry. The Republicans led by Senator Lindsey Graham, Trump’s lapdog, won’t be able to continue to complain that there hasn’t been a vote. By the way, such a vote is unnecessary, it isn’t in the Constitution, nor was it held in the Nixon impeachment until the process was well underway.

In addition, the Democrats have also laid out a plan to have open hearings and testimony. There goes another Republican charge that this would not happen. Trump really needs to relax and go to a sports event.

Oh wait a minute, he already tried that, and as I recall, it didn’t work out real well. Hey, he can always go back to tweeting.

Ralph S. Brax


It didn’t help

President Trump hopes to obtain the black vote for next year.  Kamilah Prince, director of African-American Engagement at the Republican National Committee, says that “we continue to engage black voters across the county this cycle, spreading the message of the substantive policies and accomplishments of the Trump administration that are benefiting our communities, from near record-low unemployment to historic criminal justice reform.” “Republicans Face A Mountain Of Challenges With Black Voters in 2020 – And Trump Isn’t Helping”, www.cnbc.com, Aug 2019.

However, Trump’s record among minorities is poor: “No modern president has ever vilified black Americans or sought to divide people along racial lines like Mr. Trump, while also claiming to be a champion of their economic interests.”. Reasons why Trump won is due to the low turnout among minorities: “Turnout figures show many stayed home in 2016, an election that marked the first decline in black participation rates in two decades.” Why A Race-Baiting Trump Is Courting Black Voters,” NY Times, Aug 3, 2019. Trump even thanked African-Americans:  “They didn’t come out to vote for Hillary...– so thank you to the African-American community…”

4.4 million people who voted for Barack Obama in 2012 failed to vote in the 2016 election. Of that group, 36 percent were black – about 1.6 million… Clinton might have missed out on 1.4 million votes…

Republicans have consistently failed to address what affects African Americans. Eric McDaniel, associate professor at the Center for African and African American Studies at The University of Texas at Austin says, “Until the party commits itself to working against racial bigotry, (Republicans( will have a hard time.”

For Democrats to win, a poll shows that calling Trump a racist did not help. Saying that he was ineffective moved support towards Democrats.

Vincent White


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