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No burden

Roger Schaefer: “…my wife and I owned a construction company for years and employed 25-35 people. Counting all their children, I was instrumental in feeding clothing and housing over a hundred mouths for 30 years.”

Former U.S. President and chattel slave owner James Madison once boasted that he derived $257 in gross profit per chattel slave per year and that he only had to spend $12-13 per year to support each slave. The simple fact of the matter, however, was that, given that it was his chattel slaves’ labor power that produced said profits, it was actually Madison’s slaves that fed, clothed and housed him.

Now, some 200 years later, the producers of the capitalist class’ profits — wage slaves — are permitted to leave their places of employment after each workday, but the essential economic relationship between slaves and masters has not changed in these interceding years.

So it was actually Roger Schaefer’s wage slaves who fed, clothed and housed he and (his) family, not the converse.  

Schaefer: “I had often thought when the company went into the red on a few jobs, would the workers want to be in a co-op with me and absorb the loss, like myself?”

Co-ops are not manifestations of socialism. In a socialist economy, economic losses within a particular industry would be absorbed by society at large and by way of an all-industrial congress; the members of which would be democratically elected representatives of their respective industries. This would assure that no single industry or small group of workers would be burdened in the way that Roger Schaefer’s scenario set forth.

Guy Marsh


Dems should

open their homes

I have never written a letter to the opinion page, but now my frustration has grown to the point that I must get this off my chest. These sanctuary cities and or state have given hope to thousands non-U.S. citizens to invade our country. These people are sure they can freely come across our borders with no regard for the laws of our country.

They are not vetted, God knows what diseases they bring with them, totally unskilled and expecting a great, big, free handout. We have our Democratic state government to blame for this. Perhaps all you Liberal Democrats can open up your homes and yards for them to camp out in, while you support them until they become citizens. No help from anyone, just your own pocketbook. You have raided mine enough. I cannot afford it anymore. And yes, we are looking to move out of this state as soon as possible. Too bad because I have lived in the AV since I was six (now 72) and will have to give up everything we worked so hard for all our lives. I have a lot more to rant about, but I have to go check my blood pressure.

Paul Rogers


Fix it

Questions I cannot answer ... Why with all the tech-savvy folks, don’t we have a phone and/or computer program for voting? What would it be able to do? Register you, if legal, to vote. Take your votes on the ballot, count them far more accurately than, say, Florida, and store it, so you cannot vote more than once, provide results to the county you live in. I am the most un-tech person on the planet, but even I can see how this would do away with voter fraud, illegals voting unlawfully and reduce expenses to counties, as less folk would actually walk into a voting booth.

And while we are at it, why can’t the voting booth do all I just noted? Then we would not have “results” changing every two weeks. If they can tell you in 10 seconds after they draw the lotto numbers, if anyone won, where, how many, etc., they should be able to do the same in elections. Come on techies, fix this!

Skip Thacker


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