As they wish

As I print this letter by hand, as one of the few who does not own a computer, the person apparently responsible for the pipe bombs was captured. Thank God! As of today, no definite proof he acted alone, which is also no proof he has cohorts ... Time will tell.

According to TV reports, this person owns a van, which was impounded and has a bunch of “Republican” stickers, bumper or otherwise, on it. Naturally, the left, Liberal wannabe Socialcrat media went nuts.

All kinds of wringing of hands, finger-pointing, “I told you so” and general hysteria by those “professional” TV people.

Very few on the Right responded about the van, except to say it’s white, has a lot of pro-Republican stickers and is in police custody.

You remember, it’s called “report the news,” not blame the folks who don’t think or act like you.

My last point, of course every lefty alive knows for sure that the words said by Mr. Trump drove this man to do what he did. What? I have yet to hear him say, “Racist, scream over them while they eat, yell them out of restaurants, get in their faces, say the most vile things about their kids, spouses and families, call them what they are, kick them when they are down, give them no rest...” Oops.

You are correct, all these and more came out of the  mouths of Democrats.

As a registered Democrat, yes, I am, I do not hold with those who hate. I am a Christian, first and Conservative after that. The actions of those “at the top” of the Democratic party is driving me and those who also can’t stomach this bullying, away, me to register as Independent, after the midterms, others? As they wish.

Skip Thacker


Vote your values

On ’70s TV, Colubo, one more thing. The letters of Rice (8/25) and Sirota (9/1), you would pick Rice. Why? Because she knows where she is going. No Bible reading person has proved it false. When our bones are dust, the word (Bible) of God is living ... Heb. 4:12.

One word Dems/GOP can agree on. That is vote. If Dems get House, you can look to impeach Trump and Kavanaugh.

The Dems are in a rush. You Bible, moral, concerned voters step up and vote your values. Pro-life, Bible marriage, gender. We are a voter group. We advise you, vote Cox, Knight, Lackey and Feinstein.

TC Weeks


Wake up

Stats: 307 mass shootings in last 311 days; no one in my old home town. This can’t continue. Wake up, America! Wake up, Congress!

Gerry Price


Trump’s misdeeds

In the 27 Oct. 2018 of AV Press, Moe English wrote of several people who are enemies of the state, ranging from former President Clinton, Hillary Clinton and former President Obama.

Mr. Moe lists several misdeeds ranging from Benghazi to lying about the facts.

Additionally, in the 26 Sept. 2018, Phil Denny wrote about a website that listed the worst presidents with Clinton at number 3 and Obama at being number 4.

By their letters, it is clear that Mr. English and Mr. Denny are unable to find anything wrong with Republican presidents and/or their policies.

Perhaps hearing from a conservative newspaper might change their minds. For example, when Donald Trump was running for office, the editors of the conservative newspaper Arizona Republic, for the first time in its 126-year history, supported Hillary Clinton, a Democrat.

The Arizona Republic wasn’t happy with some of Clinton’s alleged misdeeds, but they were impressed with Clinton’s “…ability to lead with intelligence, decorum and perspective… She has withstood decades of scrutiny so intense it would wither most politicians.”

The vehemence of some of the anti-Clinton attacks strains credulity.”

However, Trump’s misdeeds are egregious ranging from: lack of temperament and experience to be President; …responds to criticism with the petulance of verbal spit wads… “Trump’s long history of objectifying women and his demeaning comment about women…”

Obama was accused of inciting racial discord, but the editors said about Trump that “…offers a recipe for permanent civil discord.”

It’s important to look at the whole picture.

Vincent White


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