Letters from readers Nov. 8, 2018

We have ready resources

It is about time. The article about the conversion of the Challenger Center to a vocational training center is wonderful news and very much needed in our valley.

The BYD bus company has been advertising for welders, every craftsman that I know says good skilled help is impossible to find, and most importantly, the large number of high school kids who don’t have higher education in their plans simple want a get a decent job. It is not rocket science to know that with only 3% of the high school graduates completing a college course, jobs are everything to many of these kids.

This is a project that we all can get behind. In your article, you list a number of industry and union groups supporting this training center but there are other people to that can help.  

The girls may want or be in need of domestic skills, some just need help reading, writing and communicating and there are people here that can help.

Each year, many teachers leave the teaching profession. Some as retirees, some because they want something else. They all have a life time of knowledge and skill that they can offer. There are retired teachers that are skilled woodworkers, electricians, plumbers and some with a variety of computer skills and home economics. Once teachers stop teaching no one asks them to use what they know.  Why not tap this ready resource? You’d get good professional people, ready to help and it might cast less too.

Jim Gardner


No effort

I just leafed through the “Official Voter Information Guide” to learn more about our candidates.

The biggest job on the ticket: Governor of California

John H. Cox, Republican, wrote a nice paragraph explaining who he is, what he wants to do as our governor and why he wants to do it.  

He lets us know how to get in touch with him via email, website and Twitter.  

Gavin Newsom, Democrat: No candidate statement.  

So there is no way to talk to Newsom.  He doesn’t define his platform or let us, the voters, know anything, except that he’s so sure he’s got this in the bag, he doesn’t need to issue any candidate statement.   

Just put out a few television commercials showing him bashing our president while patronizing gays, undocumented immigrants and the poor and that should do it.  

If the overconfident, fiscally insolvent, unfaithful Newsom becomes the next governor, he will be as transparent as his candidate statement.

Mitchell Seyfer


Not pro-life

Within the paid advertisement titled “Wake Up Christians - Silence Is Not An Option,” it was stated that Rep. Steve Knight is pro-life and believes in marriage between a man and a woman.

However, as exemplified by the fact that California State Senator Steve Knight voted against SB 837 which would have expanded publicly funded preschool programs to tens of thousands of 4-year-olds from low-income families, Knight isn’t pro-life because he obviously couldn’t care less about fetuses once they become children. He is merely pro-compulsory birth.

Wedge issues such as abortion, guns and gay marriage are employed to manipulate the blinkered into supporting politicians who serve solely at the behest of the capitalist class. Simply stated, it would be impossible to convince the working class to support the capitalist class’ self-centered political agenda on its own “merits.” So capitalist politicians drive wedge issues, secure elected office and then further enable capitalists to pick workers’ pockets.

It is all so very descriptive of the “con” in the word “conservative.”

Guy Marsh


Imagine the mess

Personally, I can’t imagine how widening 10th St., West from O-8 to P can be done. They will have to widen underneath the freeway, change the off ramp and on ramps, take out sidewalks and all the restaurants and a set of stores along that road will have to move.

I just cannot imagine the mess. I hope any new shopping areas make five lane roads in both directions to start with. I would really like to see the plans for this project. Where do I go to find them? I would imagine all those owners want to know how they will be affected or has that already been taken care of?

Rachel Roach


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