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Forgiveness is key

How ironic that Bill Pappas’ letter of 9/16, bad mouthing me, was printed on the same day as I letter I wrote that the VP  editor captioned with, “They won’t listen.”

Mr. Pappas, you obviously failed to read completely through my letter or else your retention of what you read is poorly lacking.

I quote: “there had better be outrage over knives, just as much as the outrage over guns. If you left, liberal for don’t demand background checks, etc., on knives, then shut up about guns.”

I hope that clears it up.

Nowhere do I mention the government wanting to take away my guns and nowhere do I mention voter fraud scam. And you accuse me of making things up. I did not say anything about gays or any other group.

An a ‘Nam vet, I know a thing or two about life, as a professing Christian, I don’t fear any human, oops, maybe one former wife. I do fear God, but not like you mean fear. I reverence him.

You managed to call me a liar, hater, not able to handle full hands and a fraidy cat. None are true, Mr. Pappas.

Finally, currently, nothing afflicts me, not life, not the morons in the so-called Democratic presidential race for second place, not gas prices and certainly not you, a Socialcratic opinion letter writer who can’t help but hate on those you disagree with.

Re-read my 9/9 letter and learn that you are wrong in what you wrote about me. I forgive you.

Skip Thacker


It’s about oil

As president of the United States Trump is also the “civilian” commander in chief of all the uniform military. If he were in the uniform military he would be subject to a military court marshal under the Uniform Code of Military Justice Section 9036 Article 1036, Aiding The Enemy.

The president has abandoned our allies and sent our military into a situation, protecting oil wells, that will place them in immediate danger of armed conflict.

This is in effect, war.

The Constitution gives Congress the sole right to declare war, directly or effectively.

Why is the president interfering with the responsibility specifically given to Congress.

His verbal claim that he is bringing our soldiers home is false.  He is increasing the numbers in that area to protect oil wells.

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill

It’s ‘indefensible’

Have you noticed that the Republicans in Congress stated that they are not going to defend what the president said and did, but are only taking issue with the process.

That certainly seems to be an admission by the Congressional Republicans that they believe what the president said and did is indefensible.

Marty Scepan


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