Letters from Readers Nov. 1, 2018

They can fly their flag elsewhere

Walt Grabe’s letter of 10/26 (regarding the caravan of illegal immigrants heading for our border) prompted my husband to hand me the paper and say, “Read that last letter.”

First Mr. Grabe states as fact, “There are no Middle Eastern terrorists or Salvadoran gangsters” among the caravan’s mem­bers. First of all, how could he possibly know such a thing? Mr. Grabe has no way of knowing — but it’s even worse be­cause it’s absolutely false. DHS has stated that they have confirmed the pres­ence of criminals and gang members — actual mem­bers of the caravan, when in­ter­viewed, have stated that there are gangsters among them.

It has also been confirmed that there are Bangladeshis who joined the group in Guatemala. Bangladesh just happens to be a hotbed of Islamic terrorism these days.

Mr. Grabe then states that these people “will make fine Americans” and that they are “seeking free­dom, democracy and safety.” That may be true for some of them,  the fact re­mains they are required by international law to re­quest asylum in the first coun­try they arrive in, so I wish them all the best in Mexico.

As for their making “fine Americans,”  they are flying the Honduran flag as they march, which sort of indicates they have no interest in becoming actual Americans.

Oh, and of course there was the obligatory “Donald Trump is the anti-Christ!” chant as our flag burned in the background.

By all means, please let these folks in. Perhaps they can move in next door to Mr. Grabe, as their actions probably do qualify them as “fine Americans” in his book. In mine, it makes them demanding at best and threats to national security at worst.

Lori Dougherty



Nothing new

Jason Zink: “Regarding the caravan of illegals. We need to use ‘rubber bullets’ at the border to deter people. Put a soldier every 100 feet!”

First of all, unless and until the members of said caravan enter the U.S. devoid of authorization, they will remain (migrants) who haven’t done anything illegal.

Secondly, according to the United Nation’s Convention on the Status of Refugees (1951), of which the U.S. is a signatory, members of the caravan possess the legal right to seek asylum in a country of their choosing.

Moreover, throughout the past 200 years, the U.S. has installed and supported dozens of Central American dictatorships, overthrown sev­­eral democratically elec­t­­ed Central American gov­ernments, intervened mil­i­tarily numerous times to thwart the self-de­ter­mination of Central Amer­ican peoples and generally prevented Central America’s economic devel­opment at the behest of U.S. capitalist interests. As such, the U.S. is now mor­ally obligated to begin righting its wrongs by grant­ing refugee status to the Central Americans who request it.   

Rubber bullets would be noth­ing new to Central Amer­­icans fleeing U.S.-in­duced violence and misery.

Guy Marsh


No Democracy

Anyone that continues to refer to this country as a Democracy should be very aware of the fact that it is not a Democracy. They should also take a look at the article on Wiki called “Tyranny_of_the_majority” that does describe what and why the founders cre­ated a representative Re­public and what that actu­ally means politically, as well as morally and eth­ically. While looking at that, also look at the def­in­ition of a Democracy. It is illuminating to be sure.

This country is rapidly declining and by the time my grandchildren and successive generations are at the age of majority, they will not likely have any resemblance in this coun­try to what was ori­ginally intended and bound in the Articles of the Con­stitution and especially the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amend­ments to the Con­stitution without which we would not have gotten a Republic.

The article does explain the purpose and function of the Electoral College and why it was established by the founders and what it should mean to all that are citizens of this country.

Terry Story


Not soon enough

Don’t you just love the hit mailers flooding our mailboxes right now?

I’m going to save one of these anti-Steve Knight ads and have him autograph it for me.    

This anonymous Super PAC which is allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money from corporations, unions, individuals and associations to influence the outcome of state and fed­eral elections has pho­to­shopped shoe polish black five o’clock shadow on his Cheshire cat grin to make him look extra evil and cancerous. Don’t take candy from this man.

The next mailer to arrive showed the same picture of Steve Knight, except now he has a flower lei to show him living the good life in Hawaii on our tax dollars.

This wreaks of meddling in our election process, to me. But these anonymous cor­porate shills can’t in­flu­ence my vote, anymore than the Russians could or did.  

One group of people tryi­ng to control another group of people by any means necessary, including bend­ing the truth, anony­mously, like a letter to the editor of the New York Times.    

Even the Antelope Valley Press has us identify ourselves to have one of our letters printed, but not the New York Times. If it bashes our president, print it.  

I remember Facebook and social media being praised as helping Barack Oba­ma get elected. It really got the word out. What a won­derful tool Facebook is, until it elects the guy you don’t like.

But as I look at this evil portrayal of Mr. Knight, a man I know to be a decent man, I see the left is still employing the very tactics they complain about on the right.

If someone doesn’t like the taste of their own medicine, then maybe they should stop dishing it out.

Mitchell Seyfer


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(2) comments


“…the language and cultural barriers that would exist between these Bangladeshis would make such travel impossible” should have read as follows:

...the language and cultural barriers that would exist between these Bangladeshis and their Central American counterparts would make such travel impossible.”

I apologize for my atrocious editing.


Lori Dougherty: “It has also been confirmed that there are Bangladeshis who joined the group in Guatemala. Bangladesh just happens to be a hotbed of Islamic terrorism these days.”

Yes, this has been “confirmed” by the likes of the Daily Caller but by no amount of (credible) news outlets. Even if there were such terrorists in the midst of the caravan, U.S. Border Patrol agents would stop them at the border. So this manipulative assertion is laughable if no other reason than the language and cultural barriers that would exist between these Bangladeshis would make such travel impossible.

Nonetheless, we should thank Lori Dougherty for her having given us such a finely wrought portrait of a clenched little mind aswarm with snakes, snails and puppy dogs tails.

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