What’s the big deal?

Today’s AV Press Second Front section has a rescued owl on the front page.

In New York! I wondered how this is front page news when we have the same — even better news — right here in Palmdale.

Dr. Lynn McEwan of Palmdale Veterinary Hospital on 6th Street East is a local hero when it comes to saving baby owls.

Dr. McEwan is also a specialist in all things related to bird care.

In the Spring of 2019, I found a baby owl in my garden. It had fallen from its nest in a pine tree. I scooped it up into a dog crate and called Dr. McEwan’s office. He readily agreed to take in the baby owl and raise it until it was old enough to be released.

In the Spring of 2020, the same thing happened again. A baby owl out in the horse paddock of my friend’s property. This baby was even younger than the first one. Again, Dr. McEwan graciously agreed to raise this baby owl.

So we don’t have to get our happy-ending stories from New York. Dr. McEwan is a local hometown hero.

Thank you, Dr. Lynn McEwan and Palmdale Veterinary Clinic.

Patty Akkad


Good job

I would right admire to comment with a good show to Mr. Anderson’s lengthy VP Meditation on Buzz Aldrin, July 24 ‘19 which I just rediscovered yesterday.

Although I found Mr. Anderson’s confessed feigned disdain for the first moon landing a bit puzzling when I remember how it had kept me glued to my TV chair all day as they “dressed to go out,” — quoting newsman Walter Cronkheit here — on their moon stroll.

And I have to confess feeling a bit of reflected glory in that first man, Neil Armstrong, only a bit older than me, came from the same part of Ohio as I did. And whom I met briefly, I think, photographically at Edwards when he was an unknown fighter jock.

And I an even more obscure photog. And, still am, of course. sic transit, etc, etc.

Anyway, returning to my main man here, Mr. Dennis A., a good job as I always felt that Aldrin was a bit short-shrifted in those days.

Kenneth Nickel


Nearly choked

I nearly choked on my egg and toast the other morning while reading the AV Press editorial and its gushing review of Obama’s latest tome.

A full 800 pages of self-serving drivel — and my God, it’s only volume one.

What you wont read is more Americans on food stamps, worst economic recovery in US history, and trillions of dollars added to the US debt. Let’s not forget almost a trillion dollars on “shovel ready” jobs, that Obama later admitted were not really all that shovel ready. Billions of dollars on “green” projects that went belly up. For example Solyndra and my own solar panel company, Solar City, which went bust and was sold to Elon Musk at pennies on the dollar.

Oh, and I was forgetting the “red line” in Syria, the deaths of Americans at the Benghazi consulate (and the blatant lies from the administration that it was in retaliation for an anti-Islam video).

What about the military intervention in Libya, that destabilized the region and sent hundreds of thousands of refugees flooding across the Mediterranean and into Europe.

The disastrous withdrawal of troops that led to the emergence of ISIS, and yet more refugees flooding into Europe. The worst race riots for generations and the rise of BLM. I could go on and on and on. There will be many who will set aside their integrity to rehabilitate Obama’s dismal eight years in office, but I wont waste my money to read about it. If I want to read great fiction, I will pick up a copy of Harry Potter.

Bill Heard


No ghost, just a Falcon 9

While minding my own business, sipping coffee, reading the AVP, my houses interior pocket doors began to rattle at about 9:30 am Saturday (11/21). Moments later the heavier glass sliding doors vibrated as well. After seemingly a minute in duration, the rattle faded away with the lighter pocket doors going quiet last.

This same spooky phenomena occurred a few years ago, also on a cool, clear, breezeless day. Earthquake and sonic boom ruled out leaving a heavy rocket launched from VAFB being suspect to have been the source of the air pressure fluctuations.

Remembering this, I immediately went to the internet and read that a Falcon 9 was launched from VAFB at or about 9:17.

Mystery solved, and my house isn’t haunted. It’s awesome to think that these pressure waves generated by rocket motors have the power to move doors 140+ miles away.

Ian Hall


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