Live from a bubble

I empathize with Jesse Davidson, the musician/technician who pens the “Stories from the Other Side” column that appears in the Showcase each week.

It was hard enough for a musician to make money before Coronavirus shut everyone down. 

Live performance is one of the only ways for bands to put food on the table now that the record business is dead.

Illegal downloads killed the record business 20 years ago. If bands don’t stay on the road doing gigs, they don’t eat.

Jesse’s article about bands and audience members in individual bubbles was hilarious, as was the “Flaming Lips” video. 

Beatlemania in a bubble. I can see a screaming girl inside a rapidly fogging bubble. 

Oxygen tank required in each bubble. 

Does someone roll you to your seat? 

No smoking/vaping allowed in the bubble.

Have fun with your beer and nacho/cheese plate inside the bubble and make sure your adult diaper is on. 

The first concert goer to die in a bubble from suffocation or drug overdose shouldn’t take too long. Good luck, musicians. 

I’m sitting on front row seats for a show that was supposed to take place last July and has now been rescheduled for August, 2021. We’ll see. No bubble for me, thanks.  

The Centers for Disease Control have said to make sure your guests are “properly spaced out” while seated at your house this Thanksgiving.

To accomplish this, I’m contemplating putting hallucinogenic mushrooms procured at the Oregon border in the spinach salad. 

Guaranteed to break the ice at any party. 

Have a happy, virus-free Thanksgiving, everyone.

Mitchell Seyfer


Lead by example

Governor Newsom — What you’re doing speaks so loudly we cannot hear what you’re saying. If it is not important to you, why should it be important to us? 

Your example, or lack thereof, shows immaturity and a failure of leadership. These things being the case, we just don’t need you.

David Evans

California City

What’s the hold up?

Something is seriously wrong in the LA County vote counting system. 

We are 17 days past the November 3rd election and we still don’t know the winner of the 25th Congressional District or the AVUHSD Trustee #2 elections. 

Is it because the vote by mail is slowing counting down, late date of accepting mail in ballots, or limited staffing? 

Whatever the reason this is ridiculous. I can’t wait to see how LA County and California handle distribution of the COVID vaccines.

Curt Redecker


Act now

This letter is an open letter to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. 

Why is the department permitting restaurateurs to set up so-called outdoor dining tents? How is it that dining inside one of these tents is any safer than eating in a brick and mortar building?

Given that many of these outdoor restaurants lack ventilation, and ventilation is key to causing the virus to dissipate in the air, these outdoor dining facilities are not outdoors. 

When infected individuals breathe and speak, they release the virus into the air, much like smoke from a cigarette or cigar.

The virus then flows in any direction due to there being no walls. Conversely, when walls are added, all possible benefits to being “outdoors” are lost in that the virus becomes more confined. 

Therefore, the only form of public dining that should be allowed is that which takes place beneath the open sky. 

If it continues to authorize this alleged outdoor dining, the County of Los Angeles will continue to fuel the egocentric notion amongst restaurant owners that, “My right to amass private profit outweighs your right to live.” So, too, will the county continue to be complicit in what amounts to the premeditated murders of an untold number of people, many of whom did not choose to engage in the selfish act of dining in public during a global pandemic. 

Now is the time to ban these COVID-19 tents. Otherwise, as winter approaches, restaurateurs will almost certainly enclose their tents even more, thereby greatly exacerbating the virus’ danger to public health. 

Without a doubt, the well-being of society outstrips the right of businesses to operate as they wish, and that must be validated. Please act upon this before it is too late.

Guy Marsh


Can you say lost?

Hey Donald, You L O S T, lost. Put on your big boy pants and stop acting like a self-indulgent brat and acknowledge it. 

I’m sorry is acknowledge too big a word for you. Then get out of the way and let the adults take over before you do irreparable harm to this nation and our democracy!

Janice Johnson


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