Not his preference

Reading our opinion page 20 Nov. I see the I hate anything conservative guy Paul Krugman along with one of his allies. 

Now if you could do us all a favor and put them all on the same page and day you post Krugmans commentaries. It sure would make it easier for me to take that page and throw it in a manure pile because most everything they post is just that.

Dana Hessler


Think before you join

The existence of the Antelope Valley Young Marines begs the question, do the children involved in that organization possess a well-rounded understanding of military servitude? Have they been told of Ron Kovic, Smedley Butler, US overthrows of elected foreign governments, Agent Orange, burn pits, depleted uranium, etc.? 

As partly evidenced by the fact that in 2014, forty veterans died in the Phoenix area while waiting for medical attention at VA hospitals, this society couldn’t care less about its veterans. Indeed, each year hundreds of thousands of veterans never receive medical care, and approximately twenty of them commit suicide each day. 

Accompanying the exceedingly high rates of unemployment and homelessness suffered by veterans is the fact that military recruiters routinely lie to potential recruits. Promised job training and post-servitude educational benefits are seldom delivered as promised. 

It is also the case that due to the No Child Left Behind Act, these typically dishonest military recruiters are allowed the same access to high schools as college recruiters. Thus, they purposely exploit students’ social and financial insecurities, especially disadvantaged students of color. 

Therefore, military recruiters, including the Young Marines, should be barred from high school campuses. Students’ access to education, healthcare, and even citizenship, when granted at all, shouldn’t have to be contingent upon risking their lives. 

There is an overabundance of evidence that demonstrates that the political state and society generally don’t (really) care about soldiers any more than it cares about “our” enemies. As such, workers should stop allowing themselves to be divided against their working-class brothers and sisters in other countries. 

So I implore the members of the Young Marines and all young people to adopt well-informed opinions of military servitude. For starters, visit https://militaryrecruiterslie.org and read the writings of General Smedley Darlington Butler and Ron Kovic.

Guy Marsh



Re: Mr. White’s letter of 11-9-21. Racism has always amazed me with its pervasive ignorance.  

But here’s a little yarn: I grew up in a small all white town and graduated from an all white high school. Right after graduation in the 1950s, when racial prejudice was probably even more rampant than now, one of my first jobs right out of high school was in an ammo load crew, wrestling mammoth artillery shells for the Korean war.  

Loading munitions on open railroad cars outdoors in summer and winter, I was possibly the lone white guy in these crews, mostly young Black guys from Akron. While I had heard all the White drivel and all the racial epithets, and even then, sceptical of all that dreck, they had little effect on me and I found these guys not only accepting me wholeheartedly but uncannily wise and funny as hell with their big city savvy. 

 And wisecracks — with emphasis on wise. And so, Eddie Qualls, Lorenzo Macinnis, his brother Malcolm and Elmo Green and all the rest on the load crews, thanks guys; it’s been a privilege. 

Kenneth Nickel


How appropriate

heard the White House rally song is being changed to I’m Your Puppet. How very appropriate.

Gerardo Hernandez


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