That’s how it happened

The “Deep State” is not a mythical entity but real as evident by Barack Obama’s recent attack on Donald Trump, aired recently on 60 Minutes. 

No other past president in history has ever tried to torpedo a sitting president but Obama is embarrassed by Trump’s accomplishments and using the DNC as a venue for the deep state. 

Obama obviously used a teleprompter as he continually looked down to his right and his speech slowed to comprehend the message. 

The teleprompter was staged and orchestrated by another biased major news media network for the good of a deep state, not for the nation’s best interests.

Don Dyas 


It’s not that bad

Two types of tests are being used to determine covid “cases”: a positive viral test means you “very likely have” it, a positive antibody test means you “probably have had covid or another virus.”  

There are many other reasons to doubt the validity of “positive tests” statistics: hospitals receiving funding based on cases/deaths due to covid, lab inaccuracies (false positives), multiple tests of one person.  Per the CDC, more than 9 out of 10 death certificates of someone who “died of covid” list other causes, which means “covid deaths” are closer to 25,000 than 250,000.  

Almost 10,000 people in the US die every day from diseases that have no cure. 30,000,000 people have flu symptoms every year, 400,000 are hospitalized, 30,000 die. The current increase in “positive tests” is happening just as our regular flu season is kicking in…coincidence?  “Positive tests” are not what the restrictions and mandates imposed by our Public Servants should be based on, only deaths solely due to covid.  Horrific economic, health and social effects are what have been catastrophic, not the virus. 

Abe Lincoln said “I am for those means which will give the greatest good to the greatest number.” 40,000 lives would be saved annually if all speed limits were reduced to 5 mph, but that wouldn’t serve the best interests of the most people.  

It’s our policymakers’ jobs to develop reasonable tradeoffs. The qualifications for reversing business closures and other restrictions are unrealistic. Covid will be with us for a long time, the same as other viruses. Vaccine as a fix? No thanks, every year several thousand FDA-approved drugs and devices are recalled. 

It’s time to remind our public servants that we pay them to take the best actions for the most citizens and stop publishing alarmist, erroneous information.

Judy Kiesel


If at first you don’t succeed, vote again

In my opinion, this election should be null and void. We need to vote again, and this time do away with all Dominion Voting machines, paper ballots only, no sharpie pens and vote in person with I.D. proving who you are. 

Seniors with disabilities, request mail in ballots as usual, and don’t flood our mail system sending ballots to dead people. Equal number of spotters from both party’s checking the counting of ballots. If you can stand in long lines at Costco to get in, and long check out lines in Walmart, you can vote in person.  

This entire election was an absolute illegal mess. If the Democrat party is going to cheat in front of you what will they do behind your back? 

Judy Watson


Which one?

Due to a nationwide Covid-19 resurgence, we are told to restrict our family and travel plans this holiday season. Just read that Congress is going home for the holidays. Which home? The one in D.C. or their home of record? Just wondering?

Peter Yablonski


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