Thank a vet

Ah, birthdays, today is my 75th and its been an awesome time. Yes, there are many events, etc. that were no fun but by far, it’s been a great life.

Today is also the Marine Corp birthday — Nov. 10 — great folk. My brother served with them. He, a Marine, me, U.S. Army. Great times, sadly, gone, as he passed in 2002.

Tomorrow, Nov. 11, Veterans Day, I am so glad no one has screwed around with the date, wanting to put it on a Monday, for the lazy who want yet another three-day weekend.

If you live in my America, regardless of your ethnicity, color, etc., take the time to thank a vet. Yes, even Guy Marsh should thank a vet.

Without us, he would be speaking any language except English and would still be working for considerably less than when he worked. So, Mr. Marsh, you are welcome.

Sadly, the Greatest Generation (Tom Browkaw — very liberal) our WW2 and Korean vets, are passing quickly — almost all are above 85 most in the mid 90s.

Thank you, every vet, for your willingless to serve us and with great honor.

Skip Thacker


A political poem

Biden won, Trump can’t admit it

Nor can “Trumpsters” near and far

Some might say that they’re dimwitted

No, just “Trumpsters” are what they are

Their blind following is systemic

They believe just what Trump says

When he downplays this pandemic

Which could cause their very deaths

That would be a sad time for us

As this nation marches on

“Get the vaccine,” sings the chorus

Before a million of us are gone

Masks will help control the virus

But they just don’t trust the fact

Hearing of it sure does tire us

So now the virus is roaring back

Marty Scepan


Team Judy,

casting stones

Judy Watson really  hit the nail on the head with her letter on November 13.

I agree with her wholeheartedly but our consolation is in the fact that there will be a judgment day for these sinners.

Betty McLaurin


Horner’s theory

Reading the count between Garcia and Smith I am totally confused how Smith could be getting 54 percent of the votes in the highly Republican Antelope Valley.

Well I have a theory. The week before the election a young girl teenager rang my doorbell and asked if we needed help filling out our mail in ballots. She was driven by an adult waiting in a car.

I asked her who she was working for and she immediately turned and walked back to the waiting car. I am willing to swear under oath to the accuracy of this statement. I’m sure from her reaction that she had been schooled to not answer that question, so I never learned what group she was working for.

Could this be how Smith is getting such a high percent of votes in the Antelope Valley? Just wondering.

Thomas Russell Horner


No wave at all

A letter writer asked why China has controlled the pandemic and the US has not?  

A better question may be why have only New Zealand and Taiwan have been able to do so? Those two nations are small islands that have virtually eliminated current immigration and have a tightly structured society.  

I know of no other Asian, African or Latin American nation with that advantage. Virtually all countries are currently experiencing a resurgence, even those who initially had some control. China has a rigidly controlled press and an closed oppressive, totalitarian government. My question is — why believe China?

On a different topic, in the recent election President Trump lost the electoral and popular vote. Yet the Conservative viewpoint and Republican party has apparently gained about 12 seats in congress and likely will retain control of the senate. The polls were absurdly wrong again. Why is this consistently happening?

With all the vile, contemptible words directed at Trump and his supporters for the past four years from being racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, keeping children in cages and being deplorable and irredeemable, fascist enablers, etc, etc, etc the results are reassuring. Joe Biden has asked his supporters to “put away the harsh rhetoric” and called for unity in our nation. We can start with his own supporters but that does not seem to be happening.

Senator Feinstein has called the election results an overwhelming victory for Democrats. The truth is the results are encouraging and promising for the opposition. Trump increased his support with Black women with large increase from African-American men.

Despite the drumbeat of defamations and fabrications significant gain in Trump voters occurred in Muslim, Latino and gay voters. Overall more than 72 million people voted for Trump. There is no “Blue Wave.”

John Manning


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