Due to Dad becoming president, the price for an appointment to meet with him has doubled. 

Andrew Anderson


What’s worse?

After observing over 20 cars go through the road closed signs and around all the barriers on Pearblossom highway at 40th and Pearblossom highway, I have this question. 

Is it stupider to turn North at 40th and go to S like the signs tell you to and then to the freeway or to go through the road closed signs at over four intersections zigzagging around the K rails which are there for keeping the road closed. And doing this trip illegally to get to the freeway.

 One way is more direct but illegal, one way is a little longer but legal. which is stupider?  I think people are just as fed up with Pearblossom highway as they are with COVID-19. Everybody’s breaking the rules for everything. But it is for our safety that we should not do it. Traffic management could do a better job with it, either open it on the weekends or close it up.

Rachel Roach 


Asking for help

A good friend of mine Nichole was recently illegally evicted from her home by the same people who rented the place to her. She paid out over 6k to rent the west palmdale residence. Only to come home one night and find herself locked out. She was arrested when she had a locksmith open her door and taken to jail. 

A hardworking mother of three was left with no job after the arrest and children services took away her children and the nationwide real estate giant (Invitation Homes) who had a maintenance worker change her locks in the middle of the night after two months of her renting the place wont even return her calls. 

She lost everything and is living out of her car and because she has no money to fight the real estate giant in court her cries are left unheard. Whoever is reading this, I bet you to please be her voice and do not let them get away with they have done to this woman and her poor innocent children.

God Bless You.

Aaron Adams

Quartz Hill

Trump and his magic wand

Rarely, does an article in the business section of the AVP, scream: Trump screwed the economy. But, on, 10/28, one such article titled, “ High drama; limited results,” did.  

The author of the article implies that  Trump “upended seven decades of American trade policy.” If you ask me,  America’s  trade policy has  been  on the ropes before Trump. For instance: I still remember President Nixon, in China, telling the American public: Once China gets a load of capitalism; they’ll be our buddies.  

Hold the phone  Mr. President. In the 21century, our buddies are giving the finger to the free world.  But, hey, look on the bright side. It only took them  seven decades. Those were the days alright. Remember Ross Perot? Of course you do. In the campaign of 1996, when asked about N.A.F.T.A., he replied: That giant sucking sound you hear is American factories moving south of the border; were they only have to  pay the minimum, have no health insurance, no retirement benefits, and no regard for the environment. Didn’t matter.  

President Clinton, once in office, signed off on N.A.F.T.A.  Now, the Great Lakes are a picturesque rust belt. President G.W. Bush had his own  problems. President Obama, when asked about trade, said: Those jobs are gone and aren’t coming back. Enter, the hated one, President Trump. With his magic wand and crazy idea about America first. Who does he think he is? 

Robert MC Gregor


America divided

I got into an interesting conversation with an individual about the 2020 elections. He stressed that now its time to unite support and except Biden as our new president. So I turned the tables on him why didn’t he and Biden supporters unite support and except Trump as your president.

This last election was the first time in American history that the 6 major news media outlets with Google and Face Book helped a presidential candidate win an election. For the last 4 years the same media outlets nit picked Trump 24/7 never giving Trump credit for any accomplishments yet Trump has done more for the American people that any other president in American history. 

The liberal media showed zero accomplishments by Biden in the 40 plus years 8 years Biden served VP under Obama, because there wasn’t any. Biden seldom campaigned ever gave open news press interviews, why? Why should he had the liberal media in his pocket. I like millions of Americans will never except Biden as our president. I ended our conversation with.....after Biden and supporters divided America by calling all Trump supporters nazis racist and white supremacist. Why in the world would we want to unite and support a bigger dictating government who will use that power to control every aspect of the American peoples lives.

The liberal media and Social Media did a fantastic job in covering up for and promoting Biden. I could see it now pay back time Biden will create a new branch of government....The office of information where Biden will appoint members from the liberal and social media. Who controls the media/news/information controls its people just like in socialist communist countries. 

Miguel Rios


Bottom of the list

While we wait for Donald Trump to become a mature individual and no longer to act like a ten year old who didn’t get what he wanted for Christmas, it may be time to determine where he will wind up on the list of forty-five presidents. Historians use the primary criteria of how successful a president was in accomplishing his goals and dealing with a crisis to decide where to rank him.

When Trump took office he laid out a list of things he wanted to do. He made it clear he would keep undocumented immigrants from entering the U.S. by building a wall and he would get Mexico to pay for it. Well, the wall is partially built, we paid for it and immigrant families were separated when they got to America and their children were put in cages.

He vowed he would “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act and replace it with the “best health care plan” in history. We are still waiting. He promised a “middle class tax cut.” What he signed was a  tax cut that benefited the wealthiest of Americans and big corporations. The middle class got screwed. He had a chance to gain the support of most people by uniting us to contain and control the Coronavirus. Instead he lied to us and then watched 245,000 Americans die.

In foreign affairs, Trump produced a mess. He cuddled with Putin, attacked our allies and failed to gain a trade deal with China. The most dangerous thing he did was to take the U.S. out of the agreement to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons. 

Where will Trump be ranked? The bottom five is a good bet.

Ralph S. Brax


Happy 83rd

On 21 November 1937, my mother was born. A loaf of bread cost 9 cents. The average price for a new car: $760.00. A total of $5.00 back then would be worth approximately $90.38 today. Franklin Roosevelt was president. My mother has lived through 15 presidents. The first wish that my mother wants is unity.

The sheriff in her hometown created a climate of fear by shooting the pets of African Americans. Fact #1: In 1933, the number of lynching of blacks in U.S. reached 28. “Black Americans: 1929-1941”,

Raised in the South, my mother did not have much. She had to work in the cotton fields to have clothes for school. The old schoolbooks were given to the black students, but not without the white students tearing or marking out the pages first. Fact #2: The Great Depression lasted from 1929–1939. By 1932, African Americans had 50% unemployment in comparison to 25% of U.S. population. “…In Atlanta, the slogan “No Jobs for Ni**ers Until Every White Man Has a Job” became popular among whites.”

The second wish is for her late husband to come back to life. Not only were they high school sweethearts, but they also grew up together. My mother got a spanking because my parents were late from seeing “Gone With The Wind” and my grandmother did not believe that it was that long.

She had a choice: Continue her nursing career or marry my father. She told me she never regretted her decision. They drove to work together to Edwards AFB and retired together in 2001.

It troubles Mom that society has not changed dramatically to achieve unity necessary to be “one nation under God.”

Mom, on behalf of Leonard Jr. Greg, Vincent (and wife Elva), we wish you a Happy 83rd birthday!

Vincent White



Thanks for the flu shot

I would like to thank the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health for giving free flu shots in the parking lot of the Lancaster Public Library, November 9. 

I had found out through word-of-mouth the influenza shot would be available there and since it had been 11 years that I had not had a flu shot and because of my age of 57 and the Coronavirus still in the air, I decided to attend and see how it goes.

I arrived early and from the time I stood in line, filled out an easy form to sitting in a chair for the shot, it only took less than 10 minutes.

They took my temperature with contactless hand-held technology and then with a Star Trek-like gadget gave me the shot.

I didn’t even feel it and it was over before I knew it. I was free to go. I joked if it wold turn me into the Incredible Hulk.

James P. McDonald


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