Stay safe

2020 has been quite a year: Devastating fires (e.g., Lake Fire), violent protests and a record-breaking heat wave. What about the COVID-19 virus? A light shone in early November 2020: Pfizer made a 90% effective vaccine for COVID-19. Don’t throw away the masks just yet.

vaccines go through safety tests which can take years and it will not be available to everyone overnight. A virus did not damage my gait, hearing and speech; a drunken driver hit me in 1992. 

I teach people to not drive drunk. My teaching continues. Prevent getting and spreading the virus until this vaccine becomes available: Celebrate holidays with few people. Preferably, those you live with. Use digital platforms (like Zoom) or postage mail to connect with others. Watch religious services on TV or online. Gatherings can spread the virus causing illness or death. Limit physical interactions with others. Wear a mask in populated areas and stay 6 feet away from others. Avoid heavy drinking. If intoxicated, you are more likely to behave in ways that promote the spread of the virus and even drive drunk. 

Hand washing is your best line of defense.

Lori Martin

Tracy, Calif.


Encourage lawmakers

Older Americans across the country depend on the delivery of quality healthcare in their homes, which has become increasingly important, especially during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Home health providers deliver nursing, therapy and aide services to patients in the safety and security of their own homes, helping to reduce patient exposure to the novel coronavirus while also saving the Medicare program millions in avoided facility-based care.

While 3.5 million Americans currently depend on Medicare home health each year, there is an incredible opportunity to optimize the benefit for more patients who choose to recover at home following a hospitalization. By expanding home health, we can help patients transition safely home with a mix of expanded skilled nursing, therapy, personal care, telehealth services and more.

As we recognize National Home Care & Hospice Month this November, I encourage lawmakers to support public policies that expand the availability of high-quality care in the home. Enabling more seniors to remain safely in their homes has never been more important.

Paul Ferguson


Much-needed dignity

America will now be made great again with Trumpty Dumpty having a great fall, where none of his followers could put Trumpty Dumpty back together again.

No matter how many people attended his rallies and drove around in their pick-up trucks with large Trump flags, it did not help him win a second term. My guess is these people are now flying his flag at half-staff and crying in their beer.

Trumpty Dumpty can continue to deny the outcome all he wants, however, it will not change the outcome. As they continue to finalize the results it is well obvious that future President Biden will more than likely end up with over 5 million more votes than the president. My guess is Joe Biden will end up with well over 80 million votes, which is by far the most of any presidential candidate in the history of the United States.

When all is said and done, Joe Biden will end up with 51% or 52% of the popular vote. The only challenger to score a higher percentage over the last century was FDR in 1932.

Let’s face it, the American people could not be fooled a second time by electing a two bit carnival barking con-man who could not tell the truth if his life depended upon it. For the past four years all he has done is tell lies and mismanaged the nation.  Like the old question goes; how do you know when President Trump is lying? And the answer to that question is, his lips are moving.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will bring a breath of fresh air and much needed dignity to the oval office with their leadership skills. They will truly make America great again after four failed years of President Donald J. Trump’s presidency.

George Jung

Antelope Acres


It’ll never happen

The only way we will ever get a fraud-free election is to make it law that we must present a picture ID to vote.

You are then sure the person is who they say they are and they live at the address at which they are registered.

But you can bet the democrats in this state will never pass that law.

Berry McLaurin



Tit for tat

Once again, I did not vote in the recent presidential election. 

I tried to vote, but because the legislature deemed my vote in this “winner-take-all” state to be unworthy as a matter of law, my ballot was recast for a man for whom I would not vote were you to point a loaded gun at my head.

In this system, in a presidential election, whoever gets a majority wins all the electoral college votes. Whoever thought up this “winner-take-all” system was no champion of democracy, and should be forever branded a traitor to the country and the people.

It is the most undemocratic practice and is tantamount to political thievery. Its only purpose is to keep one political party in power in perpetuity.

If you cast your vote for a losing presidential candidate, your vote is taken away from you and recast for the one you did not vote for. 

Your vote thus means nothing, since you don’t get to choose who to cast it for. If they continue to deprive my constitutional right to vote, then I feel justified in depriving them of the only thing I have that they actually value, that in their eyes is my sole justification for existing.

Michael D. Mercy



Spread the disease

The dung beetle crew led by Biden has issued the first of many edicts as they roll their crappe downhill at us. The first is their order that we must wear masks at all times for a introductory period of four weeks beginning on Inauguration Day after Joe Biden the royal Purple Scarab dung beetle is sworn in. Any sentient human knows that this order is nothing more than a beginning of succession of mask order extensions that solve nothing.

Larry Kissam


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