Unhappy with results

Now that the election dramatics are about over, we  will soon see what we have gotten ourselves into with the election of Biden.

I did not support the newly elected president but almost 72 million people supported Trump. That’s about half of the voters and the new administration has must realize that they don’t have a  mandate from the people. The republicans still have the senate and the democrats lost a number of house seats.

There still are accusations of voting fraud that has large blocks of voters angry and suspicious.  Recent poles suggest that the election mechanism in this country was damaged. I don’t understand how states had President Trump leading at the end of the day on Tuesday, were all lost because of thousands of “Biden” only ballots found overnight.

So it seems to me that the new president should be subject to the same scrutiny as was aimed at Trump. Trump was accused of lying, but Biden did it too. Trump was accused of fostering the demonstrations but Biden supported BLM and other rioters. Trump was criticized for his choice of his executive staff. But Biden has indicated that many of his old cronies from his 40 years in Washington will be brought on to the executive staff.

With his choices of people we can be assured that original thinking won’t happen and it will be the same old democrats running things.

It’s two years until the next election. There is time for state election officials to work out a secure way to vote that will be fair to candidates of both parties. It also should be noted that if the Dancing With the Stars people can count millions of vote during a commercial break, then the counties can figure out how to count votes in less time.

Jim Gardner


Not true

Thomas Russell Horner erroneously claimed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would become Vice President, were President-Elect Biden to “be removed under article 25.” (Scared yet?, AV Press, 11/11/20)

Mr. Horner needs to read the 25th Amendment again, specifically Section 2, which provides: “Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.”

Ms. Pelosi could only ascend to the presidency if both Biden and Harris were to become incapacitated, or otherwise unable to fulfill their respective duties.

Mr. Horner followed by claiming that “Ocasio (who has already declared her self [sic] the face of the Democratic Party), will become the speaker of the house.” That statement was as laughable as his Pelosi prognostication.

The Speaker must be elected by an absolute majority of Representatives (218 out of 435). AOC may play well with her New York constituents, and the other three House members in The Squad, but I strongly doubt that she could secure 218 votes to become third in line for the presidency.

Scott Evans

Los Angeles

Wonderful idea

What a wonderful Veterans’ Day celebration in the Antelope Valley!

Thank you for the 2,020 American flag display at Pelona Vista Park for the past eleven days, culminated by the Veterans’ Day ceremony today on November 11th.

We owe our thanks to the City of Palmdale, our Mayor Steve Hofbauer and the Palmdale Auto Mall Association — and thanks to so many Palmdale city staff and numerous volunteers. All involved worked so hard to make the outstanding display of 2,020 flags — I walked through them and marveled at how somebody marked all the places, and I am sure it took many people to install the magnificent display.

I personally sponsored only two of the flags — to honor my brother who served in Viet Nam, and my daughter who served in the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission.

I took my brother to visit his very own dedicated flag. The volunteers there were so kind and helpful — from the drivers of the motorized carts to give us a ride, to the workers in the booth to direct us to our special flags. And it meant a lot to him.

The special Veterans’ Day ceremony, held on Wednesday was heartwarming and inspirational. I believe it was enjoyed by all who attended.

I heard that City Manager J.J. Murphy came up with the whole idea — warmest thanks— and I have such appreciation for the efforts of all involved.

Patty Akkad


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