Graceful concessions are not Donald Trump’s forte. One can barely conjure an image of the man offering congratulations to Joe Biden, regardless of the circumstances.

Such has been his M.O. for his entire adult life. Trampling long-held norms regarding the transfer of power from one White House administration to the next will be his mission. Pettiness, vindictiveness and fomenting violence will be the order of the day. It’s all he has left. Legitimate avenues for redressing his suspect grievances require evidence, and there is precious little of that to support his outlandish accusations of rampant fraud and bizarre conspiracies.

As if to illustrate my point, conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones swooped in to lead chants at a “rally” of lemming-like Trump devotees outside a building in Arizona where workers were tabulating ballots. Jones is the wack-a-doodle who insists the little victims of the Sandyhook massacre were really actors paid for the job and no one actually died. Merely a hoax. Sound familiar?

So, how Donald Trump will leave office is unknown if somewhat predictable. Whatever transpires, it will not make America any greater, or safer, or more respected by nations worldwide. America lost its way four years ago and it will take some time to get back on a healthy, constructive path. Over 74 million people are ready to get to work.

Jarold Wright

Santa Rosa

Safe access

Have you heard of the Warnack Nature Park? Do you know where it is? Probably not.

Palmdale has neglected and ignored the Warnack Nature Park for more than 25 years. The residents of Palmdale should be outraged.

Mr. A.C. Warnack, a real estate developer, donated roughly 132 acres of undeveloped land covered with Juniper and Joshua Trees, and Yuccas nearly 25 years ago. The park is located on the south side of the California Aqueduct, and about 1,800 feet east of Godde-Hill Road. Warnack had two stipulations when he granted the land; first, the land would be used solely for recreation, and second the site would be named for him. Along with the property, Warnack gave the city $100,000 for land improvements. City council voted unanimously in May 1997 to annex the land.

Over the next 17 years, nothing happened to develop the park. Then in 2014, Palmdale hired a consulting firm for $43,950 to plan and develop an access road to the park. Nothing has happened. Still no access road and no signage that identifies the entry point into the Park. It’s a disgrace. What has the city done with the money, why didn’t the consultant company develop a plan ?? The park is currently used by mountain bikers and a few joggers and hikers- Mountain bike clubs do some trail maintenance and have installed two huts.

The major issue is the dangerous access to the park from the aqueduct maintenance road. The access requires going into a drainage ditch and then thru a barbed wire fence. No signage identifies the park entrance. The city is liable for injuries on park land. The city of Palmdale needs to provide a safe access to the park and put up signage to identify the park location.

Patrick Saatzer


Trump, you’re fired

I have grown tired of President Trump’s constant bloviation, bullying, attacks and bad manners. He person tells little lies, big lies, misrepresents reality is not someone I want to continue as president. That is why I could not vote for him again. I do not think he even knows what truth is anymore. He must think it whatever he says or tweets it is.

Before the election, he claimed that if he did not win re-election, then the election was a fraud and there will be lawsuits. Enough people have grown tired of Trump and we chose not to vote for him again.

So Mr Trump, pack your bags, you’re fired. Hopefully, civility will return to government.

Ken Walker



‘I hate to say I told you so.” ~The Hives

It hasn’t even been a week since the election, and look who’s making a list and checking it twice, to find out who deserves political punishment by the state. Why it’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, of course. It’s good to know that progressive dogma will be the only viewpoint allowed from here on out. At least now I know what I’m allowed to think. Gooble, gobble, gooble, gobble, one of us, one of us (Freaks, 1932).

Dax Agner


Wonderful democracy

Well, we just got through with an election, and few people were completely happy with the results. Republicans lost two seats in the Senate, but will stay in control, and they decreased the Democratic majority in the House. Of course their president was defeated, becoming the tenth incumbent president to lose his bid for re-election.

The Democrats elected their ticket, but failed to take over the Senate as the pollsters said they would. They were quite pleased that Joe Biden got 4 million more votes than Donald Trump, and took back the blue wall of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Speaking of those 4 million votes, I guess we now know what a Democratic presidential candidate must secure to get elected. The reason for this is because we still have the archaic and undemocratic electoral college. It was designed by Alexander Hamilton to get the small Southern states to vote for the Constitution and it also helped the South to hold on to slavery, which Southerners understood.

Republicans will never let go of the electoral college because it is the only way for them to get into the White House. Isn’t democracy wonderful?

Ralph S. Brax


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