Arm chair Socialists

Arm chair Socialists and fellow travelers of the extreme Left of the Democrat Party, why are they here?

In a recent edition of the Antelope Valley Press Kamala Harris a presidential hopeful, told of how her mother shaped her life. Her mother and father, it was stated, were admirers of Mao and Fidel Castro.

The Democrat “Progressive” wing seems to be overloaded with people who admire such people as Mao, Stalin, Castro and other despots and espouse the Socialist message. They do this from the comfort of a country that provides them freedom and security and the resources to sit in their arm chair and opine the benefits of Socialism.

Why, if they believe so strongly not move to Cuba or China or Venezuela and try to live the Socialist Dream. Even Kamala Harris mother after receiving her masters degree did not return to India but stayed here where the money is, oh what a shock.

Socialism/Communism only works as long as you have other peoples money to spend, when that runs out it crashes. Socialism never worked and never will. People are not lining up trying to get into Cuba or any other Socialist paradise, they want to come here where they can work and make a living.

If you want to see an example why this country is great stand on the corner of 60th Street West and Avenue L in the morning when Quartz Hill High students are arriving. Lots and lots of nice cars, how many kids in Socialist countries drive to school. If you talk the talk you should walk the walk.

David Stilwell


Please explain it

In all the publicity and accusations towards the people who have paid big bribes to get their kids into high end collages.

There has been little or no comments about the guilt of the administrations who accepted the bribes. Is the taker of bribes as guilty of a crime as the ones that give them?

If not, could someone with knowledge of the law please explain this to us laymen.  

Thomas Russell Horner


‘Opposition research’

Richard Neal (D-MA), chair of ways and means, has subpoenaed the Treasury Department and the IRS for six years of President Trump’s tax returns.  

His claimed legislative purpose, as required by Supreme Court rulings, is to oversee IRS’s procedures in their legally required auditing of a sitting president’s tax compliance.

One problem with the subpoena is that it is for six years of returns for a president who has only been in office long enough to submit two years of returns (for 2017 and now 2018).  

Why Mr. Neal wants the other four years of returns is hard to understand as anything beyond a political fishing expedition for opposition research to use in 2020.  

In addition, if his purpose it truly, as he claims, to investigate the IRS’s compliance with its duties concerning Presidential audits, why has he only requested one president’s returns.  

Why has he not requested Mr. Obama’s returns for the eight years he was in office, or those of George W. Bush?  

Why, other than as opposition research, does he want returns for Trump which predate his term in office, and nothing for anyone else?

Clyde L. Dotson


Give thanks

I ask you, have you thanked a deputy or fireman today?

We all should thank our brave women and men. After all, they risk their lives for all of us, that is 24/7.

Yes, they do an excellent job i protecting us. Do you also agree?

Should you see a deputy or fireman, thank them. They deserve our thanks. But above all, our respect.

Yes, do thank a deputy or fireman today. They deserve it.

Douglas Valpey


Fire them

In response to the front page story and photo of four first grade teachers, one holding a noose, others pointing to it, all laughing, I say this: Without picture proof, many folk might say Liberal teachers being foolish, just a prank, etc. Thank God for the picture.

As a professing Christian, I find all forms of racism to be against all I believe in. There never has been a time when it was OK to joke about death by hanging, no matter. Your skin color.

Today, it’s even more reprehensible than ever, our country is already divided, due to the racist former president and his cronies, Holder, Wright, Sharpton, Jackson, etc.

The parents who responded by not allowing their children into that school until those involved were gone, were exactly right in their actions. Big kudos to each one.

I hope the VP prints this, not because it’s such a great letter, but because some readers feel that old white men (I am one), do not say enough about problems they face. Here is one of many responses. I am still waiting for your condemnation of the kills of Sgt. Owens. If you wrote about it, O did to see it, assuming it was printed.

Each teacher should be fired now, along with principal and/or administrator who did zero.

There is no lace for hate in our schools. Black kids already feel left out in many areas, this stupidity sets all advances back to zero.

Since the adults are too stupid to stop racism, the task falls on all our children. These kinds of jokes will not teach all our kids to love, not ever.

So at least five folk with college degrees should be fired today, without haste and never allowed to teach again — ever.

Skip Thacker


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