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No more legalized drugs

Its bad enough that the states approve marijuana now they are going to vote for legalizing magic mushrooms which contains the drug Psilocybin. Who dreams up all these drugs to legalize?

We have enough drugs on the streets we don’t need another one. The roads are dangerous enough with all these drugs now another one to worry about. When is it going to stop? I think is time for the people to stop all this.

John Mazzella


Why great nations die

Many years ago, a philosopher offered his opinion on why great nations die.

He said “nations die not from murder, but from suicide.”

We are seeing this before our own eyes as politicians demand free health care, free college education free housing and guaranteed jobs, for all and open boarders.

At the same time we should get rid of our industry and send it to the third world so that we can stop naturally occurring warming and cooling cycles that have existed on Earth since the beginning of time.

Due to strict gun control, when the rioting starts only the crooks will have guns.

Fortunately, I am 84 years old and have lived through some good times of America.

Vance G. Kirkpatrick

Leona Valley

Is it a conspiracy?

I feel that a headline on Page B1 in Sunday’s AV Press was very misleading.  

“Being 737 crashes into river….” Wrong! The airliner did not “crash” as the headline says.  

The article correctly points our that it “landed hard…ultimately SKIDDING off the runway…” and ended up in “SHALLOW water.”  

I have capitalized several words in the previous sentences; they did NOT appear in the article that was in the newspaper.   

Even the article later says that it… “crashed into the river.”     

The second sentence of the mini-article beneath the photo properly describes what happened, that “The Boeing 737…slid off the runway Friday night into the St. Johns River.”  

That is far from CRASHING into the river! It seems that you are trying to say “Hey, look at what happened to another 737.”  

You, perhaps intentionally, failed to mention the type of 737. Was it a -600, -700, -800, -900?  It certainly wasn’t a MAX 8, (the type that has been in the news lately) since they are grounded at the moment.

Don Pierce

Juniper Hills

Send the rats to Malibu

When using the larger mouse trap type of rat trap with the spring loaded bar that strangles rats to death, usually baited with peanut butter, be sure to wire the trap to something that cannot be dragged off by other rats that fight each other to be able to eat the entire dead rat caught in your trap.

Also, if you use a live catch rat trap live a have a heart trap, and don’t want to have to kill the live rat in the wire trap, simply take all the poor, scared and hungry rats out to Malibu to release them alive because all these new rat poison bans are coming from the rich movie star Progressive climate change activists living in their mansions in Malibu.

And all the people there with their wild bird feeders that feed the rats in night which allows them to wildly multiple.

Now that rat poison is banned there to save the cougars, the released rats will be able to live happily ever after, eating all the wild bird see they want in their new Malibu homes by the sea.

Ace Carter


$2 is too much

On May 6, 2019 at about 2 p.m., I called Spectrum Communications to have our name and address taken off of their mailing list.

The young lady I talked with was very helpful and considerate of our complaint. She tried to take our name off of the list and was shocked to find out it would cost $2. She talked to her supervisor (Charles) and was told the policy of Spectrum was to charge anyone, not a customer of Spectrum, a fee of $2 to remove their name from the list.

I do not know the legality of this charge, however, I certainly feel it is an abuse of the power they hold.  

In a state like California, with a population of about 39.6 million people, this company is making a lot of money. If only half of the people in California asked to have their name removed from Spectrum’s mailing list, at $2 per person, they would make $39,600,000.  

Can you fathom the amount of money the people of this great state would loose, if they had to pay everyone that sent junk mail to their mail boxes?

I feel this is an atrocious practice that needs to be looked into and possibly changed.

Michael Mallane


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