Like a ‘life boat adrift at sea’

In an otherwise reasonable letter to the AV Press expressing his opinion regarding proposed changes in the academic calendar at Antelope Valley College the writer ends by stating “…this administration places… a low priority on the… needs of students.”

So many of those on the political left seem unable to stay away such from silly ad hominem  attacks. Mindless partisan ideology is apparently fundamental with many in their DNA. How very sad.

In the contemporary Progressive mind, emotion has replaced rational debate. Everything degenerates into victimhood, tribalism and self esteem. It is an “us versus them,”  a good vs. evil mentality. Other ideas diverse from theirs can never be an informed difference of opinion. Conveniently, there is always something pompous and arrogant in their response.  

It is reminiscent of the revealing quote of the dreadful Hillary Clinton in her belief that millions of her fellow Americans that she wanted to lead were “deplorable and irredeemable.”

How incredibly insulting and yet there can be no doubt she. in her gloomy heart. truly believes that. Also no doubt she and many others faithfully believe the reason Clinton is not our president today is that our democracy is so broken that a traitor has illegally seized power by colluding with a foreign and hostile nation.

They cling to this as one latches onto to the last remnant of a life boat adrift at sea.

John Manning


Mind boggling

The excellent coverage of the nuttiness of the high school board may have diverted our attention but some of the stuff happening around the state is just crazy. He’s what’s bothering me:

The Oroville Dam is venting up to 40,000 cubic feet of water per second, all of which is going into the ocean. The state hasn’t built any of the new water storage we voted for.

The Democrat governor has requested a study of why the gas prices are so high. Wasn’t it his Democrats who added new taxes and regulations to get it to $4/gal?

An animal rights group is protesting cooking lobsters because they feel pain. Yet the same group is OK with aborting human babies.

The governor wants a $10 per person tax to study water quality yet the state has a $29 billion surplus.

The home delivery of food that is rampant all over the world is creating more trash than anything else we have ever done.

Restaurants in California will be charging customers an additional 1% to help pay for pollution. The money will be paid to farmers so they came reduce the “smell” their cows make. Really!

Few people have stopped talking and texting while driving. Even the cops have been seen texting and talking while driving.

The no plastic bag law at grocery stores is a farce. Anyone who wants one can get one, usual for free. The store make lots of money and we are inconvenienced. And the bags now provided are not single use bags thus causing much more of a disposable problem.

A California court has forbidden teachers to suspend a student who is guilty of willful defiance in class. What’s a teacher to do??

The mind boggles but that’s seems to be California these days.

Jim Gardner


‘In through

the front door’

I agree with Ed Galindo, we are a nation of immigrants.

However, many previous generation immigrants came in through the front door, legally, like they were supposed to. See the difference?

Steve Pittinato


You have no idea

In rebuttal to the article in the opinion page, which seemed to suggest that an inordinate number of AP teachers were lazy and/or petty towards students.

Teaching, as a profession, is something that very few people want to do anymore. It doesn’t pay the best and it’s simply not seen a prestigious job.  

We experience a standard work day, but we often must work (many times for free) in the evenings and on weekends and AP teachers often put in more time than that (ask me how many summer vacations that I didn’t get because I was working for free over the last 18 years).  

AP teachers at the high school level tend to get higher achieving students, but you might be surprised at how much hostility I get from some students and parents over the kind of college level academic work that I give. I do this job because I believe in it. I do this because I think it’s worthwhile. Plus, I don’t just teach content, I teach writing, reading and work ethic.  

I encourage students to keep going when the going gets hard and I volunteer my time to help all my students try to get through life. So, I can not describe how upset I was when that opinion was printed or the things that I would like to say to that author that shall not be printed here.

John Sannes


Editor’s note: To be clear, this is in response to a letter to the editor, not an opinion column.

Protect their paws

Just a reminder to everyone who walks their dogs. Don’t walk your dogs on the hot pavement or sidewalk because it burns their feet.

Try to walk them during a cooler part of the day. If you must walk them on hot surfaces then get them booties for all four feet. And remember that it takes a while for the pavement to cool off and can still be hot for hours after the heat of the day is gone.

Barbara Richardson


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