the petition?

Where is the California Superintendent of Schools? Where is the California School Board Association on the matter of the firing of the AVUHSD counsel Bridget Cook?

Has anyone reported to them on the workings of the “three musketeers” on the School Board? The “three musketeers” are at it again. They have voted to “fire” longtime counsel of the district. WHY???

The reason was not noted in any of the newspaper articles. The Board has managed to break every rule in ”Robert’s Rules of Order.”

That have disregarded Ms. Cook’s tenacious power to go from a teacher to becoming a lawyer specializing in educational law. Her expertise in the laws regarding the needs of special education students is exceptional. This is an area that a lawyer must be up to date on all facets of the law. With all the areas of educational law that Ms. Cook has helped the district, she has been asset to the district.

Is the office of Harris and Associates going to take over? How long will it take them to educate themselves on the business of our high school district? Lots of questions but no answers.

Where is that recall petition?

Miik Miller


It’s getting

out of hand

I read Ms. Drake’s story today about the four teachers posing with a noose and the reaction by some of the African American parents.

Isn’t this race crap getting a little out of hand? For God sake a lot of people of many different ethnic back grounds were hung throughout history.  

This form of execution was not solely for blacks. Until 1890 hanging was the method of execution in this country and Washington and Delaware still have it on the books.

These people have been slowly and methodically taken apart our countries history with the removal of historical statues, documents and words to music that represent the core of our nations beginning.  

The sad thing is we are allowing it.

So how about a follow-up article on this and let people know every news article that comes out that doesn’t meet this groups approval is not racist.

Joseph Cardini

Summerfield, Fla.

Think before

you speak

The “noose photo” story in your last Friday’s edition has teachers, parents, community activists and School District Superintendent Raul Maldonado disgusted, outraged or appalled even though, as the article makes clear, nothing is known about the context of the photo.

For all you know, the noose in the picture was used to rescue a small animal trapped in a storm drain.

I don’t know, but the point is neither does Mr. Maldonado, yet he’s willing and eager to jump to conclusions, become publicly “appalled” and start voicing groundless opinions.  

He’s quoted as saying “We don’t tolerate this kind of behavior…” even though he doesn’t know what the behavior was.

There seems to be a growing breed of injustice collectors who take great pleasure in being outraged, usually at a single word or a small detail and without understanding the context. That’s fine for a Pasadena stay-at-home housewife, but it’s dangerous in a public official.

Maybe Mr. Maldonado, to use an old saying, needs to “put his brain in gear before opening his mouth.”

Jerry Thornhill

San Francisco

A steep price to pay

What is up with this insistence that there is no crisis at our Southern border, Mr. Brax?

You say it is a Trump manufactured narrative. The Border Patrol officials are calling the Southern border not just a crisis, but a “Desperate Crisis.”

The Dept. of Homeland Security states that 321,600 aliens have come across our Southern border illegally so far, just this year, and the total US taxpayer cost of illegal immigration this year so far is $83,426,918,400.00.

That’s eighty three billion, four hundred twenty six million, nine hundred eighteen thousand, four hundred, hard earned tax dollars.

When will you call it a crisis? When our populace is diluted with so many uneducated third world people that we become third world as well?  

That will be a steep price to pay just so that the Left Socialist progressive party can be in power.

Stephen M. Jenkins



A few questions for those pushing reparations for African Americans.

First, who will be eligible to receive these funds? If they are based on enslavement of ancestors, then any who have come here since 1865 wouldn’t qualify. What about those with mixed ancestries? Will recipients be required to prove their status as in any other legal settlement?  

Second, who should pay? To the best of my knowledge, none of my ancestors ever owned slaves. Most Southern whites during slavery didn’t own slaves. But there were some free blacks who did own slaves. And what about the millions of immigrants who came here after we abolished slavery?

It seems that the bureaucracy needed to fairly process this would be cost and time prohibitive.

Third, when reparations were paid to Japanese/Americans who were incarcerated during World War II, they were only paid to those still living who were actual victims.  

Lastly, why is it that so many who believe people living today are entitled to something they feel is owed to their ancestors are the same people who insist that children of people who have worked to build wealth should not be allowed to have it passed on to them?

Glenn Miller


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