Pure chaos

The “gang of three” that control the high school district board of education is operating like a ship without a rudder with Bob Davis in charge.  

He has made all sorts of negative comments about the school district but has only made everyone mad at the board resulting in a  move to recall the three of them, Davis, Ruffin and Purrell.

After attending several board meetings the word to describe them is chaos. Mr Davis has no control over the proceedings. He is unsure about Roberts Rules of Order. He never responds to a direct question.

After reviewing board minutes and newspaper reports, it is clear that he has an agenda that includes removing many of the very competent and well liked district staff. Two have already been fired. He has gotten involved in some of the operations of the district which is not allowed of board members. At meetings outside of the board meeting he has criticized the staff, the administration and has no faith is the educational programs.

His most damaging accomplishments have been to spend a lot of district tax money on himself and the other board members. It appears that he thinks that as the sole board representative of his voting district, he can do no wrong and has carte blanch to spend what he likes.

He doesn’t know the district, he has made little effort of see what is going on and he continues of inflame the board members the student board member and the community.

It appears that a recall is coming and that he will be one that may loose his seat on the board.

Jim Gardner



Sometimes in controversy, good things come forth. I believe the current issues before the AVUHSD and the Palmdale USD give us excuses to make lasting and good changes.

First of all, I believe that the AV should have one school district to cover the entire valley. What do we have now? More than a half dozen. Wouldn’t one district with a seven member board be a better deal? We would save millions on administrative costs and finally, be on the same page educating all of the Valley’s students.

Secondly, a change needs to be made in the appointment of various people to various boards. The people elect their representatives. Appointees need to know they are not the same as elected officials. They do not have same legal authority to vote on the issues of the day affecting the people.

The Valley Press has made AVUHSD student trustee, Noah Sveiven, a cause celebre. Mr. Sveiven is a guest of the board. He has a right as an adult and a citizen to comment on public issues, but, he does not have the right to question the authority of elected board members while he is on dais with them.

Thirdly, something needs to be changed in the relationships of the press and government. Newspapers depend upon legal advertising to exist. The Valley Press appears to be in a dispute with the high school district since it announced it would not use them for legal advertising, so how about letting legal notices be published on the internet instead?  

Michael P. Rives


A ‘Bolivarian government’

I quoted the U.S. State Department as having written, in 1948, “We have about 50% of the world’s wealth, but only 6.3% of it population. In this situation we cannot fail to be the object of envy and resentment. Our real task in the coming period is to devise a pattern of relationships (read: create dictatorships) which will permit us to maintain this position of disparity.”

In response, David Cooper asked, “…what is wrong with America looking out for its own well-being?”

There isn’t anything wrong with America looking out for its well-being. But America’s sordid history of overthrowing elected governments and installing despotic client governments hasn’t anything to do with America looking out for its well-being. It has everything to do with controlling the natural resources of other nation states for the economic benefit of elements of the capitalist class.

Not only does such behavior not lend itself to looking out for America’s well-being, it actually “serves” to undermine this society’s security as evidenced by the likes of 9/11 which demonstrated that subjugated peoples possess the capacity to strike back. So, unless and until it abandons its imperialistic ways, America will continue to erode its well-being rather than to strengthen it.  

Venezuela’s government is a Bolivarian government born of a Bolivarian “revolution,” which stands quite apart from Marxian government.

Guy Marsh


Brewer’s thoughts

I was behind a mature Latina lady in a Dollar General not to long ago and she asked to buy a pack of cigarettes. The clerk couldn’t  sell them to her without a picture ID seems its store policy. Why isn’t it American policy to have a picture identification to vote?

Newsflash to AV Press editorial writer maybe the wildlife population has something to do with population. I’ve only been in the Antelope Valley since 1954 but I’ve seen a marked decrease in wildlife since K&B and the other carpet bagging developers were welcomed to the area. Maybe we should have a moratorium on housing development because of the wildlife? Or maybe halted until they have a 100% guaranteed source of water.

I see they are flying excess illegal immigrants around the country why don’t they fly them to San Francisco and let them stay in the millennium tower. Nobody wants to live there anyway because of they aren’t sure how to fix the “leaning tower of Frisco”

It should be illegal for unions to donate to any political person or group that will have any say so on any contract. They should have to negotiate a contract not buy a contract.

Steve Brewer


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