Misinterpreted letter

In response to my letter “Party to her abuse,” Gary Jansen wrote, “I don’t see how you can state that part of our culture advocates rape.”

I stated no such thing. I wrote, “…militarism is a significant part of the rape culture that exists within the U.S.” (A common definition of rape culture being “a sociological concept for a setting in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality.”) So, it is more a case of tacit approval than advocacy.

Consider, too, that the day before the appearance of Mr. Jansen’s letter, the Trump administration gutted a U.N. Security Council resolution to combat rape as a weapon of war. The administration opposed the resolution for its mention of sexual and reproductive health. The U.S. also diluted references to the International Criminal Court, thereby making it extremely difficult for victims of rape to pursue justice.

Hansen: “The statement of the exploitation of Mother Earth and wage labor by Capitalism is a form of rape is hogwash…”.

I will argue that, much like war itself, domination is an integral part of capitalist rule. Exploitation is a tool employed by capitalists to rob the working class of surplus value; the different types of control, e.g., racism, sexism, and homophobia, serve essential roles in protecting the rule of the infinitesimally small capitalist class over the mass of workers. The brutal exploitation of Earth being ancillary to the former.

Unarguably, rape is committed by men rather than by the capitalist system. Nonetheless, the exploitation of women did not begin with individual men - it arose out of institutional discrimination, in the legal order, family structures, and still other social constructs that view women as being inferior and thus subject to the whims of patriarchy.

Guy Marsh


False narrative

April 28, Vincent White wrote about smaller average tax refunds. As an accountant I assume you understand the amount of an individual’s refund is directly affected by the number of withholdings from their pay check among other things of course.

The reason “refunds” are smaller is do to the fact the average person has received a larger paycheck and had fewer deductions throughout the year.

This gives the individual their money to spend right away in their paycheck. Those of you that think of your refund as a forced savings can have the amount of withholding increased on your paycheck by filing a new W4 with your employer and get a larger “refund” when you file.

The problem with this of course is you are essentially lending your money to the government tax free throughout the year and they “refund” it you when you file your taxes.

The ideal tax refund should be zero dollars and you had the benefit of using your own money all year long. I’m pretty sure that as an accountant you are aware of all of this but for some reason you chose to promote the false narrative that the Trump tax cuts are not working.

As a side note I have not had a “tax refund” since my early 20s. The check writing is a one-way street in my world and I’m the one writing them.

Jack O’Connor


The list

keeps growing

It appears that if the list of Dems running for president continues to grow, it would be easier just to list those not running.

Jim Brock


Your habit

is disgusting,

but have a nice day

Smoking in many places has been eliminated. However, the cigarette butts remain everywhere.  

To all smokers, your discarded cigarette butts are a real eyesore. Why can’t smokers properly dispose them somewhere else besides throwing them on the ground? And that includes stop dumping your ash trays on the ground. Not only is it disgusting but you smokers reek. The marijuana smokers also reek.  

We non-smokers have to hold our breath when you pass by. I feel sorry for any children who have contact with you to have to breathe in the air that you foul. Your cigarette and marijuana butts end up in sewers and get washed away to end up in storm drains and our beaches.  

And sometimes they get picked up by animals and birds and cause sickness and death. You may be nice people and have nice jobs and homes but you have a disgusting habit and you need to do something about it.  

Have a nice day.

Barbara Richardson


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