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In English, please

I think everyone, challenged by the how to operate instructions enclosed with consumer products made in China, may celebrate President Trump for his strong tariffs that may short circuit the overwhelming array of products.

I find the Chinese product instructions written in near-pidgin English generally require some detective guess work to determine what the operating steps are.

Perhaps the tariff penalties in the future could include a requirement for simple, consumer tested product instructions.

In today’s environment, consumer safety can be paramount with products powered by electricity, those using dry and wet chemicals, and those with sharp edges and strong mechanical hazards.

Larry Kissam


Two patriots

Just like President Trump, AG Barr did not need his job; they are both patriots for stepping forward when needed.

Sam Kilanowski


Zero tolerance

This is the letter written to the mayor of Palmdale and each city council member.

I am appalled.

I read the background story of yourself. Impressive. I am a 63 year old veteran. I lived in the Antelope Valley for over 25 years. Just got to commercial. Liked it when it was smaller.

My letter. I would hope that you would see that the teachers involved in the picture plus the photographer. Receive no pay while suspended also.

They do not deserve the money. Also the excuse the pictures were for a small private ground. Of course it was. How do you think most hate groups start. A few people. Their moral compass most certainly askew.

Myself I looked at this from many perspectives. And everyone of them leads to the arrest and prosecution of these people. I consider this a hate crime. Not a mistake. Not a goof up.

Five adults breaking the law. Plus the what it’s are nightmarish.

If not caught, would they have gotten more extreme.

I’d be checking their computers and back history. This is and outrage to the school, the students, community and your office.

You are the mayor. Please do not tolerate this. Should be zero tolerance.

Charles Elkins

Los Angeles

They won’t be silenced

I agree with Congressional Democrats on one thing, there is a Constitutional Crisis erupting in our country.  I just disagree with who is causing it.

The Democrats are doing their very best to kill the First Amendment.  In April 2016, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, then-chair of the DNC, called for repealing the First Amendment during an interview with Chuck Todd on “Meet The Press.” Other Dem leaders, that same summer, called for a review of the right to assemble because of the unrest happening around the country.  

We had Antifa causing riots, Black Lives Matter events being co-opted and counter-protesters at campaign events causing issues.  I’m not saying anything about the above-named groups because they have a right to assemble and have their voices heard, but as Dr. King implored us to do, do it peacefully.

Recently, I’ve read that Democrat politicians are attempting use their official authority to launch a crusade to silence a group that was founded about 150 years ago and fought for individual rights since its inception.  Gov. Cuomo has directed the NYS Department of Financial Services to target banks and insurance companies that have business ties to the group.  LA City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell has introduced a measure that would require LA City staff to place onto a list any business or organization that enjoys a relationship with the group and lay out options to boycott those businesses or organizations.

This group fought for the rights of former slaves and against the Jim Crow laws. They stood against the Klan. They supported the Deacons for Defense in the 1960s.  And now the 5.5 million members of this group are under attack and may lose their collective voice.  We will not be silenced, we vote and we are the NRA.

Greg Carlson


End of story

Former FBI Director James Comey stated that U.S. Attorney General Willam Barr “has lost most of his reputation” and that he — Comey doesn’t know why Barr is behaving in “a less than honorable manner.”

In 1992, while he was George H.W. Bush’s attorney general, Barr stated that public schools no longer provided moral instruction (morality being a relative term). He postulated that the public school system had experienced a “moral lobotomy” and attributed it to “extremist notions of separation of church and state.”

Later that same year, Barr demanded the imposition of “God’s law,” stating that “To the extent that a society’s moral culture is based on God’s law, it will guide men toward the best possible life.”

So, too, did he say that “modern secularists” were bringing about cultural decline, claiming, “The secularists of today are clearly fanatics.” According to the late secularist fanatic Ronald Reagan, however, “church and state are and must remain separate.”

So, the reason that Barr is acting “in a less than honorable manner” has everything to do with his being a typically whacked fundamentalist Christian who, accordingly, deems this mythical god’s law as being superior to secular law.

As such, he is willing to do whatever it takes to help bring about Christian Sharia law, up to and including protecting the criminal known as Donald Trump from criminal prosecution and thus impeachment.

As Ralph S. Brax recently stated, “Therefore Barr, Trump’s lackey, should be impeached. End of story.”

Guy Marsh


A ‘lock on lying’

Our liberal friends seem to think our president has a lock on lying.  

Okay how about if you like your plan you can keep your plan or you like your doctor you can keep your doctor or we will save the average family $2,500 on their premiums or Benghazi was caused by a video from some guy in calif this was brought to you by the community organizer who knows all sees all and thinks he walks on water.

Steve Brewer


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