A ‘jerk’ is better than a Democrat

Trump has accomplished a lot in 2 years: cutting tax rates on businesses and 90% of individuals; lowest unemployment in 40 years; lowest African American employment in history; strong overall economy; erased 1,000s of anti-business regulations, turned America into an net-energy exporter for the first time in 75 years, virtually eliminated ISIS; reduced illegal immigration at our southern border; filled two vacancies in US Supreme Court with Constitutionalists; filled over 150 open lower federal court vacancies; got multiple NATO countries to increase their own defense spending; renegotiating NAFTA to America’s benefit; making inroads in foreign trade deficits.

This compares to the proposed Democratic Green New Deal agenda of increasing taxes (some calculate to 90%); eliminating cars, trucks, trains, planes, cow flatulence; eliminating coal mines and natural gas co-generation plants; eliminating ICE and having completely open borders; free college education for all; a monthly paycheck for those who prefer not to work; reparation for African Americans (but not for American Indians or Japanese internees).

It is easy to see why most Democrats hate Trump. He has set a difficult standard for their presidential candidate to meet. The two leading Democratic candidates are “Smelling Joe,” who took 2 years to make a decision to run and “Bernie” the Socialist.

Bernie openly espouses his love for Socialism and his hatred for millionaires (but is now one himself). I admit that Trump can be a jerk and practices it regularly. Nonetheless, I will take a jerk that gets things done to either of the two aforementioned Democrats both of whom have considerable baggage and agendas that don’t seem to be good for America either in the short or long term.  

David Wheeler                                                                                                                                               Lancaster

The cost of an ID

A friend and I went to DMV yesterday to get our ID Card so we can fly. After two hours and different opinions from several employees, I came home frustrated.  

Since I came to California single, I had a DMV driver’s license under my maiden name. I married, then divorced, so I had a second name, now I am married and have a different name.  

They want documentation for every marriage, divorce, etc. I’ve moved many times in those 50 years since my first marriage. I have no paperwork from way back then, no doubt lost in all the moves.  

I had my birth certificate, they said I need to have it certified (whatever that means). Then they told me if I got a passport it would simplify everything.  

Yes, $110, plus photos, etc., etc., etc. All this just to get an ID card. Maybe I should consider just taking a bus or train to travel!

Nicolyn J. Clawson


Aim high

Dr. Ruffin,

You say that you have nothing to lose! Really you have a whole bunch of things to lose like your credibility as a person representing the people as a board member.

It seems that you are bent on playing the race card where it is not necessary trying to stir up racism. Having a doctorate degree is a great accomplishment and I congratulate you for doing so.

The real question is why do you have to associate yourself with the other two. Why not when two people aim low you should aim high and separate yourself from the other two. Turn it into a two ring circus Dr. Ruffin and show that it can be done with class!

Jordan Eisenman


We need a new council

I appreciate this paper’s quoting my remarks on the proposed Skate Park in Jane Reynolds. However, like many times, the reporter did not mention some other remarks I made.

I told the Lancaster city council that I thought Jane Reynolds Park is the nicest one in the city. It is surrounded by homes on three sides. It looks like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. It is part of our history as a city and now the city is going to destroy it with the proposed skate park.

The noise and banging of skateboards is going to drive the residents, who live around the park, crazy. I proposed that the city locate it at Heroes Park downtown or Eastside Park or Steve Owen Memorial Park. Those parks are in the open and the noise from the skateboarders and their boards will not echo like it is going to at Jane Reynolds Park.

You would have thought the city would poll the residents who live around Jane Reynolds. No, the city didn’t. It didn’t even present an environmental impact report, as is usually done. Why consult residents when you know it all, as the city council and city administration seem to be?  

Next year, three seats will be up on the council and the election will be held concurrently with the state primary, so many new voters will vote in a city election. We need a new city council that respects its citizens.

Michael P. Rives


Move on

The Left and tax returns again.

Gavin Newsom, as reported in the Valley Press, wants anyone running for president to release five years of tax returns. He is crowned the new Trump resistance leader.

I don’t care if you are a Republican, Democrat or whatever, there are only two parties who should be interested how much money you made and how you spent it ­­— the IRS and you, the individual.

To be fair, do you think Bill and Hillary Clinton reported every penny to the IRS and how they got it? No. Gavin Newsom leading the anti-Trump charge and as Nero did watching California go up in flames with sanctuary cities/state, no new water conservation projects, higher gas prices, raising taxes, even with a surplus and all he seems concerned with is Trump’s taxes.

For God’s sake, move on. Would any individual working person want their tax records public property? No. If the IRS accepts your tax return then that should be that, believe me. I am sure they are very good at finding if it’s not right. Mr. Newsom and friends: Just do the job you were elected to.

David Stilwell


What a shame

Republicans are scared to death. First, William Barr looked like a fool, giving constant misleading responses or outright lies to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Now, Robert Mueller will speak to several House Committees about what he actually said in his redacted report. Senate Republicans witnessed the Democrats flip 40 seats in the House last November and next year more than 20 GOP senators are up for re-election.

If they abandon Trump, they may be challenged in the primaries by a Tea Party candidate, and if they defend him, they could easily lose to a Democrat in November. What a shame.

Ralph S. Brax


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