Brewer’s thoughts

Venezuela bans private citizens from buying guns in 2012 how is that working for them?

According to the FBI between the years of 2010 and 2014 the death rate was 5.3 times higher with knives than with firearms, when are the liberals going to start running a background check on steak knives?

UN says nature is declining at unprecedented rate and we all know that all their climate change predictions have been right on the money. You think maybe they need to go back and read a children’s story called “Chicken Little?”

You will need a “real id” next year to ride airlines in the United states does that mean you will need one to vote now.

Steve Brewer


‘Disturbing’ situation

AVUHSD board is at it again! Board President Bob Davis was allowed to ignore a legal motion requested to be put on the agenda — a no confidence motion in the presiding officer — who is none other than Davis himself.

Student trustee Noah Sveiven proposed the motion with plenty of legal notice, with plenty of the proper requirements of proposing a motion, with legal date and email notification, followed by a properly composed motion, followed by an email from Davis, acknowledging the motion. But Davis was allowed to ignore it.

Where is the support for Noah Sveiven? Where are the parents, teachers and staff? Is Noah alone in his proposal for a no confidence motion? Where are the famous “petitions” to unseat more than one Board member?

Maybe we should consult the “sleeping lawyer” who Mr. Davis allows to rack up hours without presenting a bill.


Patty Akkad


A slap in the face

I am saddened and disappointed that the two men accused of killing Downey police officer Ricardo Galvez will not face the death penalty.

It seems that killing a police officer in a botched robbery attempt, the pairs third attempted robbery that day, and leading police on a high speed pursuit does not warrant that punishment.

I guess it doesn’t matter since the governor elect has gone against the will of voters and ended the death penalty in California. What has our states leaders been doing to address issues such as these? They are drafting new stricter guidelines on when officers can draw their weapons. They seem more concerned with sanctuary city laws than working for the good of the states citizens.

This is a slap in the face to our law enforcement community. Quite frankly, I cannot see why anyone would want to do that job. God bless our first responders.

Steve Pittinato


A lie is a lie

Nancy Pelosi said it better than anyone. Attorney General William Barr lied to Congress. Lying to Congress is a crime.

Therefore Barr, Trump’s lackey, should be impeached. End of story.

Ralph S. Brax


Plenty of OPM

Spending more other peoples money or you just can’t give an educator or politician too much money.

Reported in the Antelope Valley Press that the High School District spent $48,500 for a consultant to do a school safety survey. Not checking actual security, they could have asked our law enforcement for recent problems and solutions etc. but to ask questions and fill out a survey form by a “consultant” and with what was reported in the AV Press an anti-gun bias.

Questions were not included in the survey if drugs were used at home or alcohol was abused at home, just firearms and how they were stored. Does the High School District not have an employee that could have done a basic survey at no additional cost.

Ask school security officers, the LASD but just spend O.P.M. then go to the voters for another bond issue. For this much money how long is the survey going to take, $48,500 is a years wages or better.

Is this consultant going to actually improve school security or just write up a nice report and file it. I would really like to go over the High School Districts budget with a red pencil and save some tax payer dollars rather than look for ways to spend money they don’t have to.

I recall the City of Lancaster hired a “consultant firm” some time ago to count parking spaces downtown, really, yes, really, no available city employees but an out of town consultant.

Plenty of OPM available so spend.

David Stilwell


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