Do the right thing

Looks like Davis sees the recall clouds forming and decided to try to dig his way out of the hole and make decisions that will try to save his career.

To mention the other two is ridiculous due to the puppet strings being held by Davis himself. The recall needs to go through even if Davis walks on water and repents along with apologizing to the world.

If Davis was the POTUS we would be in serious trouble and politicians like him need to be sent back to retirement where they belong. Davis needs to end up in his tent at the AV Fair once again dreaming of a political agenda that is not real.

Davis if you read this your job was to be the board president! Your job was not to unravel a school district like you set out to accomplish. The only reason you do not want to have a board meeting at a remote site is the fact that it will fill up to capacity with people that want you gone.

The AVUHSD is not a prison that you can consider yourself a warden that controls peoples lives. Do the right thing stand up and resign and admit that your no better that a twitter ranting politician.

Jordan Eisenman


Dedicated teachers

This morning at 7:30 I drove by Quartz Hill High School. I saw five cars in the parking lot.

Apparently we have some very dedicated teachers and administrators, even on Memorial Day.

Gene Gray

Quartz Hill

Not buying it

Guy Marsh can keep telling us that Venezuela’s government is a Bolivarian government born of a Bolivarian revolution, which stands quite apart from Marxian government all he wants, but we know better and we aren’t buying his propaganda.

Even the Venezuela government says it is a Marxist government.

So, Mr. Marsh, you can keep on telling us that everything is Amercia’s fault and we have to change our evil ways to be safe, all you want. But I, for one, am not buying any of it.

David Cooper


A couple of thoughts

Why is it a woman born in California who got her first driver’s license in the state of California, has been in California all her life, been married twice, always had the same driver’s license number has to prove who she is.

I guess the state of California’s computers are so bad you have to prove who you are because you might’ve lied when you got your 1st license some years ago. Every time she had to change her name on her license, she had to have documentation.

I see WHO, World Health Organization, a division of the United nations, has classified video gaming a mental disorder. Back in 2014, they declassified sexual orientation from being a mental disorder.

Steve Brewer



Recently, Ms. Stephens wrote a letter to say that more white people were possibly lynched than African-Americans. From 1877–1950, there were 4,400 lynchings of black people in the U.S.

I recall a “60 Minutes” story by Oprah Winfrey that showed the National Memorial For Peace & Justice located in Alabama, which is “the nation’s first memorial dedicated to the legacy of enslaved black people, people terrorized by lynching…”

Wes Johnson, 18, was a tenant farmer accused of assaulting a white woman. Before standing trial, 100 men dragged him from jail, shot him and left him hanging from a tree. One out of four lynching victims were accused of unlawful conduct with white women. It just did not stop at lynching. Jesse Washington, a teenager convicted of murder, had his clothing soaked in oil, lynched and dropped into fire as 15,000 people look on. The picture appears to have been taken after church service.

There were other cases of bodies that were lynched were being dragged to the heart of the black community. Eliza Cowen, an African-American woman,   was lynched. Women as well as children could be lynched if they could not find the man.

Robert Morton was lynched because he wrote a note to a white woman. David Hunter was lynched because he left a farm where he worked without permission. Onlookers to a lynching would send picture postcards to friends and family. If a corpse was burned, the caption underneath a picture would say, “This is the barbeque we had last night.”

I don’t recall seeing this in any history books. Not even in college. Even today, racism is ignored. I noticed that there is more prayer to have unity more than there is to talk about the problem.

Vincent White


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