Gas tax dollars

at work

I recently heard the Congress is again talking about raising the Gas Tax. Which made me wonder, why?

 The US Dept of Transportation collects our gas tax dollars to support the roads. What roads? The interstate freeway system? USDOT doesn’t maintain the interstate freeway system, they contract with the individual states to maintain the freeways. So essentially, we pay for some bureaucrats to take our money, figure out how much to give to which states and give those states our money.  And our interstate freeways don’t get any better.

CalTrans collects even greater amounts of our gas tax dollars to support the California streets, roads and state freeways (the 14). Again, we give money for a governmental entity to maintain our streets, roads and state freeways. And our streets, roads and state freeways don’t get any better.

If your vehicle is registered in California, you now have to pay extra fees to register your vehicle. Why, to pay for improving our streets, roads and state freeways. Again, we give even more money to a governmental entity to do this for us. And our streets, roads and state freeways don’t get any better.

 They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing time after time after time. And expecting different results. So, I guess the residents of the State of California are insane, because we (collectively) keep electing the same crowd of people to manage the State of California.

I must be getting better; I can see the pinprick of the retirement light at the end of the tunnel. And the other end of the tunnel is in another state.

Greg Carlson


‘Pimping’ athletes

Victoria Ruffin, vice president of the Antelope Valley Union High School District Board, saw fit to accuse high school coaches of “pimping” high school athletes for their skills.

This was at the April 11 meeting — and I cannot understand who she was intending to bring down with her statement.

According to the current Webster’s Dictionary, the noun “pimp” is defined as “A criminal who is associated with, usually exerts control over, and lives off the earnings of one or more prostitutes.” How does this apply to high school coaches and their athletic students?

According to the definition of the verb, “pimping,” it is “To make use of, often dishonorably, for one’s own gain or benefit.”

I am quite sure that none of the high school coaches can be accused of anything of the sort. I have only known the coaches to be great advocates for their students.

So, Board Vice President Victoria Ruffin can make such nasty accusations, and publicly say whatever negative remarks that come into her head.

I thought she is supposed to “represent” the community. Her remarks offend me and a lot of other people as well.

Where is that recall petition? Is anybody circulating it?

Patty Akkad


Your ancestors

are ashamed

Why is no one upset, why aren’t we discussed, at the finding of what the FBI, the government that made us different from any nation in the world?

Where are the people who say they love this country ?  Where are the protesters who love this country? Why are no voices being heard, with all this corruption by the last administration, and the Clintons',  everything they said about President Trump, was a lie.  

This country was built on the blood of my people who some surrendered our lands for a knew country, a knew way of life. When Mr. Trump said lets make America great again, many of you said we were never great.  This appalled old timers like me, who were given free education, the ability to vote for a president, the ability to protest if I did not like something, without being mobbed.

The freedoms we all shared as American people, to have free education, or go to private schools, to marry who we wanted to worship the God of our choice.  To become who ever we wanted to be, if we worked hard enough.  I did not go to collage, but I knew what Mr. Trump met when he said , let’s make America great again.  

Where are your guts, your morals, your love of this country which so many gave their lives to protect.  I am ashamed of you, not ashamed of our country, it is here standing and waiting for you to love it and protect it.  

Did you take it from us aboriginal people to let it be taken and destroyed to socialism or corruption, without a fight.  You shame your ancestors and the people who died to build this great land.

Your false pride will cause us all to lose our great country.

Mary King


Generous president

Our Republican president has donated $800,000 to charity from his salary.

Alicia Avila


Wake up, Rex

Groovy man! After the good folks of Lancaster get a “high” from their marijuana grow house, they can satisfy their “munchies” and spend even more tax dollars in Palmdale, eating goodies at Sprouts. Hum!

I wonder how that will affect the Farmer’s Market at Lancaster’s destination spot on The BLVD. Ah, but wait, we can always go to the Skateboard Park for a fun time. Right? Wake up Rex!

Pat Williams



I am not sure who writes the editorial on the opinion page. However, here is a heads up — the word is not dour — it is DOW. Actually the DOW is a company. Dow Jones & Company. It measures the daily price movements of 30 large American companies on the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange.

Bill Bryan

Leona Valley

Editor’s note: The word ‘dour’ was not referring to the Dow. It was used to describe the gloomy forecasts of early this year, when many believed the economy would be nearly stalled in growth — as in “dour forecasts.”

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