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Not enough

minority friends

On 7 May 2019, four teachers and the principal from Palmdale School District’s (PSD) Summerwind Elementary were placed on administrative leave due to having a noose in a picture sent to the staff at the school. A town meeting that was held lasted four hours.

PSD Superintendent Maldonado states that the noose was found in an unused classroom.

PSD General Counsel Bonny Garcia states that there were four theories for the reason why the noose was used and a picture taken.  Maldonado states that “…early indications are the picture was impulsive and not organized.”

When I was at Desert High School on Edwards Air Force Base, I heard a person saying something to me.

When I turned around, I saw a person with a Ku Klux Klan outfit on. I could not move. A loud laugh came out, and the person removed his hood. It was my classmate. As he walked off, I realized that he did not understood exactly what his outfit meant to African-Americans.

Before I could tell him, he told me that the vice principal told him to take off the outfit. Was my classmate a racist? I would have to say no.

When I was at a predominantly white church, I recall a person telling me that there was a difference between blacks and ni**ers. When I explained to him that he was wrong, he profusely apologized, saying that if he said that to another black person, he would have his a** beat. Again, was he racist? I don’t believe he was.

The problem with many whites is not enough of them have minorities as friends and do not know about African-American history because it is not taught in history books. Time will tell if principal/teachers did this impulsively or on purpose.

Vincent White


Answers, please

Two questions: When does the “pursuit of justice” just become legal harassment?

Should Planned Parenthood be more accurately called Planned anti-Parenthood?

Jim Brock


Maybe a time

out is in order

Mayor Pete got a standing ovation on a Fox News town hall. That would be Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana who is one of 23 Democrats running for president.  

He also called out Fox’s Tucker Carson and Laura Ingraham right there on Chris Wallace’s Sunday show.  

Well, that didn’t go over well with Baby Trump who lost it and fired off Tweets blaming Fox News for being on the wrong side.  Wrong side of what ... his lying and dishonesty? That would be a good thing, right Judy, Gerardo et al? Trump has been called a lot of names over the years but Baby Trump fits him best.  

He whines and “tweets” in his diapers daily. So let’s call impeachment a “time out” for Baby Trump and lock the doors to the White House while he’s at Mar-a-Lago.  

Mar-a-Lago translates to English meaning “baby’s crib”.   

Bill Pappas


Help locals first

It upsets me more than a little that Governor Newsom wants to spend between 98 million up to 3.4 billion a year to pay for health insurance for the illegal immigrants.

We could help provide them transportation back to Mexico for their own healthcare. I know that our own homeless, veterans, low income and all the rest of us would benefit from that amount of money going towards paying for our own healthcare.

Why can’t Governor Newsom see that he should help his own citizens first?

Rachel Roach


Rise above

I enjoy Bettie Urbina’s column.  

I thought her opinion of men dressing like women and women dressing like men was very thought provoking.

I’ve witnessed the storm and stress of my mother and grandmother over the years trying to “understand” what went wrong with their Ozzy and Harriet world.

As I saw the Beatles shape the culture, it was evident that whether my mom and grandma understood it or not, they were clearly helpless to change it. So they railed against it.

Long hair on men?

“Do they really want to look like women?” my grandmother would say.

That’s when I’d chime in, “Was Jesus trying to look like a woman?”  

Every depiction I’ve seen of Christ has him looking like a member of the Allman Brothers Band.  

Women would and could wear their hair short and dress in a man’s jacket and no one would bat an eyelash.

“Do they really want to look like a man?” I’d say.  

Why the double standard?

I also enjoyed how by the 1970s, it was OK for everyone to wear their hair just a little bit longer.

My dad and mom both let their hair down in the 70s.      

Today, long hair on men seems pretty tame.    

Men wearing skirts? I agree, it looks silly to me, but the Scottish kilt seems to have it’s advantages.  

Think Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange in “Rob Roy.” That guy was no sissy.  

We are all products of the world we are presented with and anything outside the little box we were raised in challenges us to either rise above our own subjective prejudices or become consumed by them.

Mitchell Seyfer


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