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Neglected cemetery

Joshua Memorial Park in Lancaster was always a beautiful park in that it was always green and had plenty of shade, was well kept and a person could visit with their loved ones and feel in total peace.

The past several years, numerous trees and shrubbery have died and most of the park lawn areas are dead or dying. For years, we have heard and read in the newspaper about the “water well problem” for the park.  

That being said, it does not appear that problem has required any urgent action to repair the problem and proceed to save the greenery. In my opinion, the responsible party for overseeing this park has severely neglected their duty.

Jim Grover


Have a

great summer

If we want peace, we must prepare for war.

If my intestines want peace, I can’t eat fried food anymore.

Nor can I venture into the territory of gelatinous milkshakes or cheese fondue fountains.

But I can get on my bike and ride, with my hydration pack and camera in tow.    

The view from the CA aqueduct is incredible.  

From Quail Lake to Big Bear.

From Elizabeth Lake to the Tehachapi windmill farms.

You can see for miles.

The air after the rain was clean and fresh.  

Pollen and dust temporarily knocked out.

The ride out is tough. Sun and wind in my face as I peddle uphill, feeling like an out of shape loser, sweat beginning to sting my eye sockets, but not giving up.

As I make the turn, gears shift and I’m now cruising downhill free and easy, sun and wind at my back, feeling like Lance Armstrong on the best undetectable steroids a conspiracy can muster.

In this moment of clarity, all problems melt away and I realize once again how lucky I am to be healthy and able to share this great Antelope Valley with the rest of you.  

Have a great summer everyone!  

Mitchell Seyfer


Something needs

to be done

I’m complaining about Pearblossom Highway.  Something needs to be done about the traffic.  Maybe if there was a stoplight on the west end of town that would help. 

The speeders driving 50+ mph through town.  And lets add them going 70 to 90 mph west of Littlerock and between Littlerock and Pearblossom. 

A lot of money could be made for the tickets CHP and the Sheriff would hand out. Don’t forget the tailgaters who drive right on the bumper of the vehicle in front of them.

Those who pass illegally in the center lane or on the shoulder.  How about the big rigs that park in the center lane.  The big rigs driving so fast and they come right up on a vehicle in front of them and almost hit it and then they tailgate the vehicle. 

I guess they are in hurry to get to their destination and everyone better get out of their way or be smashed like a bug.  The too narrow driveways into businesses and people have to drive over the curbs.  The sidewalks that are crooked and coming apart.

Oh, and crime is getting worse.  Houses getting broken into, assaults near the high school, small thefts and robberies at the businesses, graffiti, dumping, car thefts, drugs and local gang members. 

I think we need to run the bad guys and girls out of town.  Where I live,  I have come across eight vehicles that have been stolen or dumped.  Four right in the dirt road I travel to my house. And two people have been shot and killed. 

I try to go to the Littlerock Town Council meetings when I can.

The Sheriff Department tries to cover the area but it is too large for the manpower they have.  

Barbara Richardson       


President Noah?

It has been my privilege to have had Noah Sveiven as a student and he is every bit as intelligent and articulate as recent articles in this Great Suburban Newspaper have reported (kudos to reporter, Julie Drake for a job well done).  

Recently a letter to the editor suggested that Mr. Sveiven was a guest of the AVUHSD board. I want to clarify that he is not a guest, but a full-fledged board member elected by the students to represent them in matters that come before the board.  

The only differences are that his term is for one year (rather than four) and his vote does not count. California education code requires that school boards have student representation.  

Last week, Mrs. Patty Akaad of Acton stated that if Noah runs for president, he has her vote. Mrs. Akaad, staff and students long ago started calling him “President Noah” and have chanted “Noah for President.” There is no question that Mr. Sveiven has a bright future and it will be exciting to see where his educational and career pursuits take him.  

I’m certain we will be hearing of him in the future.

Stephanie Norton Shuping

SOAR High School, retired


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