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Illegal butterflies

I found the article (May 4) of the painted ladies butterflies very interesting.

I had wondered about their sudden appearance.

Also, it occurred to me that Mr. Trump should be notified bout this ... in that the butterflies are coming in from Mexico, illegally ... He probably  will need to order a giant butterfly net all along the border to prevent them from coming in ...

Charles Billodeaux


Twice the vote

After reading, watching and contemplating, I have reached a conclusion.

Either the majority of the board of the AVUHSD is determined to make a minimal mark of self-centered folks who happened to find themselves in charge of the majority seats of what has been, for over 100 years, significant seats of influence, or else they are totally unaware that they, by virtue of their seats, have become educators of the worst kind: Those who attempt to lead by being a very bad example.

Not only have they failed to make any gesture of something constructive during their time of sitting in the seats of many very distinguished citizens, they have taken as a very serious mission that of tearing down what has taken decades to construct without making any gesture as to what they would like to see as a “perfect” educational scenario.

Since I have no idea of what their collective minds are thinking, I am left to rely on their actions for a clue. Clues can often lead one astray. But, footprints and fingerprints often are significant. These three seats support the weight of lightweight want-to-bees. Neither do they know what they want the end to be, nor do they want to think about tomorrow.

I am left but one conclusion: They want to tear down what has been the creation of more than a century of careful citizen input in favor of some undefined tomorrow.

Apparently, only a resolute effort of recall can save the secondary schools of education from total chaos.

If I lived in an area where I could vote for recall, I would seek a way to vote twice.

Chuck Keortge


Mother’s Day thoughts

Mother’s Day spending is expected to reach $25 billion up from $23.1 billion last year.

According to Wikipedia, Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908 by Anna Jarvis. Congress rejected a proposal to make Mother’s Day a holiday, joking that they would have to proclaim a Mother’s-in-Law Day. However, by 1911, all states observed it.

Nobody talks about the treatment of women in the United States. In 1917, President Woodrow Wilson had the Silent Sentinels, (of the National Women’s Party) arrested for picketing for their right to vote.

They “…were arrested, detained, beaten, kicked, stripped naked, chained to the bars in a workhouse cell, stabled with a stick that once carried a protest banner and force-fed until they became ill. “In 1917, the ‘Night of Terror’ At A Virginia Prison…” LA Times, Nov. 1917. For example, Lucy Burns was “…stripped naked, her hands raised over her head and chained to the bars until the next day.

The food was terrible with worms being found in their soup and bread. When some of the women protested the physical abuse by going on a hunger strike, they were force-fed raw eggs and milk, making them violently ill.

I am sure that women like Alice Paul, were thinking about her two daughters and their future. By Jan. 1918, President Wilson expressed his support for the voting rights amendment, but it failed in the Senate. On 4 Jun 1919, the Senate passed the amendment. In Aug. 1920, it became part of the Constitution.

Black women’s movement for equality was largely ignored by white women. In 1913, white women wanted black women to march separately in a women’s suffragist parade. The inability of women to stick together could be one of the reasons that progress was slow back then. Happy Mother’s Day.

Vincent White


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