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New acronyms

On 12-12-18, during an evening TV political talk show, a politician stated that ICE shouldn’t be done away with, but it should be reconstituted. So, I guess he meant that he wanted to change its name from ICE to SLUSH, since that’s what reconstituted ice is.

ICE = Immigration and Customs Enforcement

SLUSH = Sky, Land and Undersea Security for Homeland

Marty Scepan


Leadership in the age of Trump

Even the redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s much anticipated report reveals the unsavory stench of the Trump presidency.

Whether or not Donald Trump’s actions rise to a criminal level, they resemble the deeds of a racketeer, not a president of the United States.

True to form, Trump is dodging any personal accountability whatsoever. As Senate and House committees seek further information from administration officials, they are running into a stonewall constructed by the president.

This “wall” is not based on legitimate legal arguments, but on a spurious blanket policy of disregard for and defiance of the committees’ authority. Trump’s newly appointed Attorney General in fact instructed federal officials to ignore Congressional subpoenas. A policy of defying the law coming from the top law enforcement official in the nation. So much for democratic rule of law.

Recycling the distract and delay strategy he has used all of his life, Trump launched into a wild-eyed, incoherent rant.

“I really say, now we have to get down because this was a coup. This was an attempted overthrow of the United States government,” the president bellowed at an NRA event. I suppose we are to conclude this provides justification for disregarding Congressional oversight in any form.

Hopefully, the majority of Americans dismissed Trump’s words as more harebrained hokum designed to draw attention away from the damning revelations of Mueller’s report.

But it is alarming that this malignant narcissist we elected as our commander in chief is so hell bent on self-preservation that he would suggest such a preposterous notion. This is what we have become used to. This is leadership in the age of Trump.

Jarold Wright

Santa Rosa

We’re going to miss the boat

Since the termination of the first world war the USA has accepted a leadership role in world economics, however we have always proclaimed that Democracy was the only valid form of governance.

Times have changed! With the failure of the Soviet Union and the defeat of dictatorships in South America new methods of governing have been tried. Some have failed but a few are challenging the method that we have claimed as the only way.

Russia, China and Cuba began as died in the wool communists. Argentina and Ecuador have dabbled in military dictatorships. Over time all of these countries have evolved into some form of Communist, Capitalist, Socialist form.

China is now inviting the rest of the world to join them in what it now calls “Belt and Road Initiative.” So far Russia, Germany, the Philippines, Kenya, Egypt, Greece, Pakistan and several others have joined in a meeting held by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The theory is to increase trade by building ports, railways, and other infrastructures across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This of course will be with the backing of China and Russia. China leaders promise to adopt rules and standards the they all agree to and welcome participation of all international financing.

America is not participating and warns about potential debt problems and questions China’s motives. Huh?  If we don’t get on board we are going to miss the boat!

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill

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