Gloomy thoughts

In Nov 1937, my mother was born. Average wages per year was $1,780.00. Cost of a gallon of gas: 10 cents. $100 back then would be $1996.00 today.

Walt Disney and his brother Roy moved to Hollywood to form Disney Brother’s Studio. In 1937, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs was the turning point, making $1.5 million ($8 million worldwide). Adjusting for inflation, the amount would be $909 million.

Both brothers bought a new house for their parents in North Hollywood to celebrate their parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. The housekeeper came one day and found both parents unresponsive. 

She pulled them both out of the house, but the mother died due to carbon monoxide poisoning. She was only 70 years old. For the rest of his life, Disney blamed himself. He had two nervous breakdowns. “Walt Disney Believed He Was Responsible…” www.thevintagenewscom. Dec 2017. 

Afterward, the majority of the movies made by Disney did not contain a mother figure. A man without his mother.

Ahmaud Arbury wanted to play for a college like his friends (some who went to play professional football). However, no college selected him. 

He went jogging in Brunswick, GA and found a house under construction. He stopped to look at it. Friends later said that Arbury always wanted to buy a house for his mother. 

Later, he was followed by three white men and blamed for stealing from that house. Arbury was killed while committing no crime. 

He was 25 years old. The men would not be arrested for another three months. A mother without her son.

I wonder how Walt Disney dealt with this every Mother’s Day without his mother. I also wonder how a mother grieves for her child who is not here due to a senseless murder when Mother’s Day comes every year.

Vincent White


Women lose

Leaked SCOTUS decision?

Abortion Nazi’s, you lose.

Life wins.

Larry Kissam


Minister of truth

As I perused the A.V. Press, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed an Associated Press, story that documented how Senator Elizabeth Warren called Kevin Mc Carthy a “liar and traitor” over revelations that he told House republicans, Trump was responsible for January 6.  

Frankly, I think the Senator is on to something. I have a few questions about Jan 6, myself. For instance: I like to know why the deplorable’s, weren’t as fashionable as the liars that promoted the Russian Hoax?  

Hey! You, In the Davey Crokett hat. Ever heard of men’s warehouse? Peasants. What a bunch of losers. Anyway. There’s lots to discuss. For instance, I found an article that chronicled how, despite President Trumps denials; White house visitor logs revealed that Don JR’s business partners visited the White house 19 times. Image that. Wait a minute. My bad.  

I’m sorry, the story was about Hunter, not Don. Where’s a minister of truth when you need one.   

Robert Mc Gregor 


Not surprising

Not surprised that Gavin Newsom is giving a full-throated defense of abortion rights and I wouldn’t be surprised if our tax dollars go to pay for out of state residents to come to Cali for the procedures. Sort of like abortion tourism if you will.

However, I did find his comments on the subject Tuesday a bit oxymoronic. He said he would fight like hell to ensure that our daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers voices will not be silenced. 

I’m guessing that the mothers and grandmothers he spoke of might not have the same opinion of abortion that he does.

Not looking forward to the relentless news coverage this topic will garner daily regardless of which side you are on.

Jeffrey Cushanick

Quartz Hill

Rings hollow

In regard to the recent “leak” of a draft opinion at the Supreme Court and the subsequent protests...”my body, my choice” rings pretty hollow after two years of vaccine mandates. Just say’n...

Will Sampson


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Governor Newsom stated that he will fight to ensure that the voices of daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers will not be silenced. I guess he forgot about the millions of potential daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers voices that have been silenced when female babies have been killed during abortions. It’s sad how all of the people screaming about women’s rights don’t care about the rights of females that can’t protect themselves.

Ken Drucker


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