Not free

The illegal immigrants get everything free and I get to pay higher taxes.

Alicia Avila


Pick your poison

A Brewery just released a beer called, “Torched Earth Ale,” which is intentionally made with low quality ingredients and meant to taste bad.

It’s supposed to bring the message that our future is bitter with the tinge of global warming supposedly killing off the precious hops and leaving only dandelions to ferment in acid laden water and substandard yeast.

Why would anyone buy it?

They caused more global warming just brewing that garbage.  

People drink to forget about the fact that we are all doomed as a species.

It’s also a slap in the face to the legitimate Brewery, “Scorched Earth Brewing Co.”, that makes good beer with no social message killing the buzz.

Politically correct alcoholism. Please drink responsibly. The only responsible way to drink, is to abstain.

This is tantamount to Phillip Morris spending $150,000 on meals for shut-ins, then spending $150,000,000 telling people about it.

I got the message: “Before we finish killing them off with cigarettes, we’re giving them food.”

I guess I’ll go buy a pack of smokes then. I choose “Death” brand. It tells you up front that it’s going to kill you. Not unlike my favorite booze, Everclear Grain alcohol. There’s a skull and crossbones on the label.

Then I’ll stop by the “Tacos to Die for” truck that is parked on the northeast corner of 20th west and N every day. They are at least honest.

Then I’ll put in my latest James Bond thriller, where Bond has no weapons, doesn’t drink or smoke on camera, lets the women do whatever they want to him, helpless and pondering retirement. You only live twice, Mr. Bond.

I don’t want or need a social message attached to my entertainment.

Mitchell Seyfer


More on Christianity

Richard Skidmore claimed that I “speak ill of and belittle Christians, Caucasians, and America.” However, much like Gary Hansen’s failure to provide examples of my engaging in hate speech, Skidmore’s lack of exemplars was symbolic of his mistake. Criticism, Richard Skidmore, does not form denigration nor belittlement.

Jeanie Stephens: “White Christians and ministers started the abolitionist movement.”

That’s true only in the technical sense — for the American abolitionist movement was founded by Quakers who are hardly representative of typically bigoted mainstream Christianity. The fact that Quakers also established the highly progressive American Friends Services Committee is more than sufficient to prove that point.

It was also the case that the conventional Christians who involved themselves in the abolitionist movement were associated with non-conformist Christian sects. Such factions were castigated by orthodox Christian churches, which predominantly opposed emancipation.

Too, we can rest assured that virtually all — if not (all) chattel slave-owning Americans were Christians. After all, it was Christianity that lent the ideological framework that justified chattel slavery (read: “Slaves, be obedient to your masters...” — Ephesians 6:5, etc., etc.)

Moreover, many Christian abolitionists wished to send former chattel slaves “back” to Africa and a few succeeded in doing so. For example, the Christian minister and founder of the American Colonization Society, Robert Finley, managed to send some former slaves to the then-newly established colony of Liberia.

The desire of white Christians to “return” black people to Africa was predicated upon the notion of inferiority and the impulse to segregate according to pigmentation. It had nothing to do with simple human decency.

Finally, nothing that Jeanie Stephens penned served to disprove my original point that Christianity informs and perpetuates white “supremacy.” Indeed, Christianity and white supremacy are so intertwined as to be indistinguishable from one another.

Guy Marsh



I see that the scam charity, Disabled Veterans National Foundation, is at it again with mailers. The lowest ranking of any charity, your support only enriches it’s owners. Don’t confuse it with the most worthy D.A.V., the Disabled American Veterans.

Also, politically, I can’t call myself an Independent because of their one-sided radical positions. And Republicans or Democrats are so busy viciously attacking each other. So I’m a DemoRep, studying each candidate separately and voting for who is best for our country.

Richard Schoengarth


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