A warning

Yesterday, 25 May 2020 at 9:30 am, I went to pay my respects at Joshua Memorial Park. I was thoroughly disgusted with the appearance and lack of maintenance and upkeep of the grounds. 

The grass was dry from lack of watering, the ground was so hard it was very difficult to put American flags in the ground thus, American flags were left laying on the ground, trash all over. Chunks of asphalt laying in the road, large pot holes in the road. I went to the office to complain. The doors were locked. There were no maintenance crews available. 

I submit this letter in hopes of warning others not to put their loved ones there.

James Bryant


Warford fan

I am a devoted reader of Mr. Warford’s columns. He is thoughtful, analytic, educating and often funny. 

His May 15th column was an example of most of those traits. He pointed out that regarding the current pandemic, there’s good people on both sides of the discussion. His May 19 column educated me on two issues. One, New York governor’s disastrous nursing home order and the fact that there have been no consequences. 

The second was the county health leader is Dr. Barbara Ferrer. First, he points out her dubious qualifications. She’s not a doctor of medicine but has a PhD in social welfare. And the kicker, she makes over $61,000 a year. Finally, May 22, he “calibrated his 40th anniversary living in the Antelope Valley by pointing out how things and people have changed. Enlightening, educating and funny. Keep the good work sir.

John B. Smith


A lesson

It hurts to see my seniors miss prom, senior night and graduation. However, that pain deepened when I stumbled upon the latest letter from Guy Marsh. With school closures, my juniors will not get the annual Guy Marsh Argument unit! 

Here, I take a Marsh letter, like the recent, “Don’t Call Me Racist,” and show how fallacious logic destroys an argument. Marsh delivers, usually with faulty premises and an equally invalid conclusion. 

Here, we begin with the dangers of the ad hominem attack (“most white male Republicans and Right-libertarians gravitate toward selfishness, bigotry and avarice”). I would cover the unnecessary wordiness of pairing avarice and selfishness before moving to the plentiful hasty generalization examples (people on the right never “express the need for social justice, especially with respect to people of color.”) 

Now we’d focus on the weakness of using absolutes — particularly unfounded generalizations. Time permitting, we might discuss whether a virtue as pure as “justice” even requires an adjective. 

Finally, we would tackle circular reasoning, as Marsh supports his previous claim with “the odds of a white male Republican or Right Libertarian not being racist are so low as to be statistically meaningless,” regurgitating a previous claim, this time as evidence. 

We close the Guy Marsh unit by stressing the importance of knowing your audience. I constantly stress to my students they should disagree without being disagreeable. Mr. Marsh could better promote socialism and challenge ideas on this page were he to remember this.

Kevin Mahady


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