No ‘redeemable facts’

Seems unfair that during the stay home order that the liberal Democrats are still getting their contributions from the government employee unions but the conservatives aren’t getting any such money.

  Why is it Tuesday morning crazy uncle Joe says he knew nothing about the Flynn case when asked by little George on GMA.  But some four odd hours later when some senators gave out the names of the ones requesting unmasking of Flynn, crazy uncle Joe’s name along with 30 odd other staffers of he who knows all sees all and walks on water came out but not a word on the liberal progressive media about Joe lying. The MSM says uncle did everything by the book but he didn’t remember doing it.

Who ever wrote the opinion article on 5-16 in the VP missed the memo from the powers to be about housing density and where they want people to live. They want low income high density housing near public transportation. You know all the places with the lowest living ages. Remember they said people live longer in less dense housing.

My wife asks me to write something nice but I just have a problem finding any redeemable facts in today’s political scene worth praising especially the depressing tin hat socialist marxist liberal progressive Democrats.

Steve Brewer


Giving thanks

Dozens of restaurants, churches and community members came forward to support and give thanks to Antelope Valley Hospital (AV Hospital) during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

Antelope Valley Hospital appreciates every single donation that has come in during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our doctors, nurses and hospital staff have worked tirelessly to keep our community safe, and we are grateful for everyone’s support. It is wonderful to see the Antelope Valley come together during trying times. We’re in this together and we will get through it together.

Mexican food, pizza, breakfast food, salads, snacks and desserts and more were generously donated to the staff in various departments of the hospital.

AV Hospital is open and able to treat any patient who needs care.

Ed Mirzabegian

CEO, Antelope Valley Hospital

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